Monday, January 08, 2007

Portsmouth? Where's Portsmouth?

We had almost decided that it was definitely to be Portsmouth after all, and were working out where to leave Eldest Daughter sufficiently fed and watered and self sufficient for two years, to finish her sixth form. It all seemed preferable to Hubby being on tea making duty for the rest of his Civil Civil working life.

Then, everything changed.

On 22nd December Hubby, who has never left Government service since going to university through the Royal Navy in 1981, went for an interview. Ironically, the company concerned, although they are not in any way part of the Civil lot, do nevertheless do some work for the said Civil people, and as such knew about Hubby though current stuff, especially when he was went on a course organised by them, to train in the sort of work that they do.

Meanwhile the Civil lot, having trained hubby in the new area of work, which he clearly liked and showed an aptitude for, decided that they wanted him in Portsmouth -
yesterday - but not to do the new stuff that they had just trained him for after all. The new company however did want Hubby, and offered him a job on the same day as the interview.

Now, for many of you non Government types out there, such actions from a recruiter may appear quite normal, but for Hubby, being of the stable where it has taken as much as 18 months to resign (1st Government service job), three months to be approved for service (second Government job), and seven years to decide on a move to a new part of the country (third Government job), this was quite quick.

One hour.

So, in the spirit with which it was given, once the proper letter arrived at the end of last week, he resigned and accepted on the same day.

So, we are not going to Portsmouth.


Where's that?


Clare said...

LOL, what a whirlwind!

(P.S. I sent you a PayPal invoice via your FreeServe email address a few days ago, but it would have come from a "Mrs Gordon," so you might have missed it... I've sent a reminder.)

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Clare!


Asha said...

That was something!Glad it worked out in the end!:))

ChrisB said...

Congratulation to your hubby; and there will be no disruptions to the family. Will the job take him away from home? just being nosey no interested!!

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Asha and Chris.

It may well take him away sometimes, but he'll be based from here, which is much easier for now!

(and we can always move to the seaside in our time, later!!)


Beccy said...

Glad everything is working itself out for you.

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Beccy!


Ignorminious said...

Anything for the simple life :)

At least this way you can continue your show at the radio station. One of these years I'm actually hoping to hear it ;)

Sally Lomax said...

aww thanks!!

ChrisB said...

Sally did you pick up from my blog that I caught some of your radio prog last Fri ?

Sally Lomax said...

Thank you Chris!!

I had in fact missed your Friday post somehow. I saw Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and today, but missed Friday!! have now read it and have left a comment there too.

Thank you for listening!!!!


enid said...

enid is glad things have worked out well for you. she didn't know you had a radio show - can she listen again from the internet? they don't have the bbc in molvania.

Sally Lomax said...

Certainly Enid! it is on on a Friday lunchtime 12-1.

The BBC features are going out on Friday afternoons - just 5 mins, and I that is on I think. i'll check that last link though and get back to you!


Sally Lomax said...

Hi Enid

And it's the Steve Kitchen show. the Fodradio show though is just mine!!


Nicole said...

Congrats! That is brilliant news for you. Its funny how things always work out for the best in the end.

Momo said...

miracles...are of all sizes, you can start believing in little ones then you will be able to work up to big ones too...did I tell you this before?

Sally Lomax said...

You are so right Momo!

Thank you Nicole! Hopefully your move will work out soon too!


Kingston Girl said...

As someone who has had the job of being a civil servant (and servant is the right word!) in 2 different countries, I understand your situation!

But all's well, ends well for you this time - well done!

Sally Lomax said...

Indeed Kingston girl. you will know then that none of this is far fetched, daft as it seems!!


Anonymous said...

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