Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, it seems "the interview" at the very very civil office went well.

So well that they want hubby down in Portsmouth as of now, to do a new job at the grade that he was applying for. The only problem is that only a few weeks ago, it took a two hour meeting, preceded by several months of going backwards and forwards, forwards and backwards and backwards and backwards, to work out how logistically the family could be moved down to Portsmouth in two years time. Moved without disrupting educational and other plans for huge family, huge house and huge mortgage, who are collectively tied up in the midst of major educational milestones for the next six years.

But now they want him there. And they want him there now. So we are back to square one.

It's a bit like one of those games that you play at Christmas. You know the sort, those high risk seriously mentally challenging games. Like Monopoly. You get so close to winning, and then, bang, you throw a six and down you go right back to Jail, without passing go and without the £200...

Now I don't expect that we will be going to another meeting with Scary One and Scary Two, because to be honest, they probably won't invite me. Either because I would almost certainly write another blog about them, or because we are now subject to a different set of rules. This time it is a move for career purposes rather than part of the bulk move. Only they actually want to make it part of the bulk move. That would be easier for them and the rules for the bulk moves are quite similar really to the rules for the unbulk moves. Well, exactly the same. The only difference is that in non bulk moves it's a sort of a speeded up version of the "Yes Minister" reality programme as opposed to a slowed down one.

So, the nice budget that they found, to house hubby and ED up here until she had finished her A'levels and until his job was ready to move down to Portsmouth, is no longer available, and, if we decide to allow ED to stay up here in a flat on her own, then we would largely be funding it ourselves. Given the normal regular balance on our current account, that is not an option that the call centre, (sorry did I say bank manager?), would relish.

Now there is a big dilemma here, because part of me, if it weren't for the fact that I would have to change every other aspect of my life, change the address for every utility bill and every bank account, change every child's school, sell the house, rebuy another house, tell all the family that we've moved, tell the children that we've moved, resettle the slightly traumatised, verging on slightly insane, previously rescued dog and cat.... would actually quite like to move down to somewhere nearer the sea. I like water. That's one of those strange things about me.

And yet here we are stuck in the middle of England, about as far from sea as you can get, due to the fact that nine years ago we made the decision that this would be a good place to live. At the time we were living over the said water in Northern Ireland. My mother must have asked me eighty five times why we had moved here. To that the reply was always, "because we could afford a house here and there are grammar schools locally." No wonder she carried on asking when we then we bought a house that we couldn't afford anyway and sent our children to private schools.

When we ran out of money we remembered that the grammar schools were our reason for moving to a place in the middle of England where there's no vast expanses of water, other than the sort that falls from the sky very regularly. In fact, the water from the sky falls so regularly that it sort of seeps into your bones. You don't realise that it's there until you feel ever so slightly damp on the inside. It's strange really. There's no place like it for feeling like a slightly rusty oil can.

Now I'm told that Portsmouth has some excellent schools. The only thing is that the league tables seem to have forgotten to list any of them in the top 5000 schools for the last five hundred years. They did put their very good private schools into the league tables, but NO.................... we're not doing THAT again.

So! Just like one of those challenging Christmas games, it's really exciting, because there's SO many options that we could go for. Move, not move and make tea for a living. Ruin children's education and not make tea for a living. Not ruin educational prospects but go bankrupt. The list is endless......

And the great thing is that if we're really lucky we may know the answer by the end of the year....... About as long as it would take to play a game of monopoly over the Christmas season.

Well, as long as it does in our house anyway!

p.s. ED seems to have disappeared from the Orange Website, but as she is now officially the "Orange" girl on Spanish T.V., I don't see why you can't see a photo of her in costume.....


emilina ballerina said...

oi!i HATE that costume!
you smelly bumface!xxxxxxxxx

Beccy said...

Wow Sally what a dilemma. I have no advice to offer but I'm sure you will take your time to decide on the best option for you and your family.

Read your nomination for me, thank you so much. I'm very chuffed but can't bring myself to mention it on my blog, being the quiet type!

ChrisB said...

Sally you have a very pretty daughter. What a lot of difficult decisions you have to make. Mmmmm now a move would provide you with a lot of interesting material for the blog!!

Ignorminious said...

Nothing in life is ever simple is it? All decisions, decisions! On the brightside though, at least he is in demand with the powers that be. That is a lot more than can be said for some of us most of the time.

Nice photo by the way. Looks like I saw the right one on the orange website after all. She is very pretty, inspite of the bluring of the photo.

P.S It seems I shall be at home tomorrow lunch time so if I remember I shall listen to your radio show on the net :D

Sally Lomax said...

Oh Em!

You should Beccy!!

Absolutely Chris. There is always a positive side to everything!! And lots of funny material too!!

Oh wow thanks Ignorminious! Let me know what you think. And yes - she is pretty, and you would definitly have seen the right image on the net. They put it up for a bout 24 hours and then took it down. Shame.

Beccy said...

Tried to listen to you today Sally, unfortunately the connection failed, three times!

Sally Lomax said...


That's such a shame. It's repeated, but sadly the internet thingy only works when it's live.

Thank you for trying though!!


Damian said...

Doesn't daughter already have a flat up there - the one under your house.

You could kick out the the garbage hoarders, install daughter to hoard her own garbage instead, rent the rest of the house to a large family that wants to be nearer the good schools and use the rent money to fund the rent or purchase of the house in Portsmouth.


Now you can use the time you would have spent worrying to write a Six Word Short Story, or seven, to post at

Sally Lomax said...

Damian - I wrote one last week. Do you want another?

Good ideas though!Thanks!Will keep you all posted!

Ignorminious said...

Agh, damn it! I was so tired on Thursday night that I ended up sleeping right through Friday lunch. In my defence I'm currently working til 1 or 2am every night at the moment, as well as doing full day shifts in the run up to Christmas. I'm actually going to do more than the full 40 hour working week this coming week, except compressed into three days!

Guess that is what comes of working in catering.

Sally Lomax said...

Ah bad luck Ignorminious! Thank you for thinking of it anyway. It's exhausting at tthis time of the year, without working til 2 in the morning as well, so I completely sympathise.

Good luck with your intensive three days!