Friday, December 15, 2006


I think it must be possible to catch non computer viruses online. (Ohhhh.... that'll get the Adsense ads working overtime...)

A few days ago I was reading about Petite Anglaise's cough, and, all of a sudden I too have a cough. I woke up this morning with a just bit of a cough, but as with all early morning coughs it subsided sufficiently to have a long and important phonecall. With a friend. And then do my radio show.

Then, I came back from the radio, did some blogger gazing, and then, I started coughing every time I breathe.

Meanwhile, in my feeling grim state I left a message on the Our Albion blogsite, which I later decided was a bit too cutting. So, as I always do, too much really, I went back to apologise. Meanwhile, another blogger saw my apology comment, and suggested that I take up a hobby!!! Excuse me but I'm not quite ready for the knitting brigade yet. I just do a lot of apologising. Always have. Those who know me know that it is one of those strange things about me. A bit like living in landlocked Gloucestershire when I like water. We all have querks.

Never mind I thought. Today is a good day, because this afternoon BBC Radio Gloucestershire are playing the first of one of my five minute features about the Forest of Dean. As a Forest of Dean Radio broadcaster, I sold the BBC a series of features, to help fund the financially ailing but bursting with enthusiasm FOD Radio. Then another presenter, Ian Coe and myself tasked ourselves with the making of the said 5 minute features which are to be heard over the next few weeks on Radio Glos.

Like all good features I had cut out to get it down to a nice and tidy five minute piece.

The two minute piece that they have left in was really good.

And entertaining.

It was a shame that they didn't feel the need to use the other three minutes.

Oh dear.

And I really hate knitting too.


Beccy said...

What a shame they cut it.

Don't take up knitting, keep on blogging!

ChrisB said...

What time will these snippets be on air?

I also agree with Beccy's comments.

Asha said...

Knitting is good Sally!Specially with one of those chunky wool!Easy compared to those thin ones:)

Don't give up on blogging though!

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks everyone! I definitely won't give up blogging! And hopefully not broadcasting either. Still, at least some of it was on air. I have to be thankful for small mercies!

And do you know, the great thing about blogging is that things that would previously have seemed soul destroying suddenly become funny. Nowadays whenever something goes wrong I just say - oh well that's good blog material...

And so it is!


p.s. They are being heard on Friday afternoons on Radio Gloucestershire Chris. My next one will be Jan 5th, and Ian's next one will be on next Friday. Friday Lunch Live on the other hand is a whole hour and is on every Friday -but not the 29th December.

Ignorminious said...

I agree about blogging everything that goes wrong. If I even get a second of free time tomorrow, I shall try and write out the story of my disasterous Thursday night out. In times gone by I would have been very embarrassed about it all and pretended to anyone who asked that I stayed in or something, but now that I have a blog, making a prat of myself seems like the best course of action :)

meredic said...

As I flew by the Forest of Dean yesterday I wondered in your direction.
Hey now Portsmouth....dead handy for nipping to Normandy.
And other places....
And you get to be near all the nice bits of the south coast.
Whats wrong with knitting anyway?

Sally Lomax said...

I think it's down to deep psychological trauma caused by home economics type teachers at school. Must have been laughed at for dropping stitches and having holes in garments. Never quite mastered it.

And hate feel of wool on fingers. it'a bit like fingernails down a blackboard and polystyrene to me!!

Sally Lomax said...

p.s. The nice bits of the South Coast would be nice...

And normandy...


meredic said...

Nice bits.
No No I didnt mean .... errm

Nice bits of the coast.
I am a great lover of the Purbeck.

Sally Lomax said...

Yes I know. That side of Bournemouth and stuff would be nice. I did consider angling to live in that area, but hubby says it's too far.....

Still, I agree, the South Coast has a lot to offer.