Friday, December 08, 2006


Last night Hubby was preparing for a big meeting at work today. It was very important he tells me, because he has to apply for a job that he is already doing.

"But you are already doing that" I say.

"Yes I know, but everyone has got to re-apply for their jobs, so I have to write a report on how it's best to do the job."

"But they see you do it every day." I say. "Surely they can judge the real thing rather than judge you writing a report on what you would do, if you did the job that you are already doing?"

Apparently not.

"Were you not doing this all day at work I say?"

"Yes. But it's so busy at work. People interrupting me all the time. Phone calls. Emails."

"I know." I sympathise.
"I find that when I have coffee with my friends. I never get a word in before the phone rings."

He looks at me and he can't stop himself laughing, but at least he knows that I take his work at the Very Very Civil Civil Office very seriously.


Ignorminious said...

My dad always complains that he never gets anything done at work because of the interuptions. So does my mum come to that. I guess it must be a work place thing. Interestingly enough I'm beginning to see the same patterm occuring in the new bar job, if only in the form of a delay on making coffees while finding out where someone's sandwich has got to.

Roll on the days of proper hard work everyday (and a salary to match I hope)!

Sally Lomax said...

Oh Don't wish it away too soon........

I have an idea for a novel which I will write one day based on going back, just for a few days to where I was aged 20 or so.. Once you have finally left education you can only go back in your mind.....

Enjoy your student days while you have them. Life is too short to wish ahead!


Kingston Girl said...

It's hard to get work done at work! At my old job, I used to be able to stay home on days when I had lots of writing work to do as I got more done then (working in my pjs is very productive) but the current employer (the civil service!!) doesn't think like that

Sally Lomax said...

Maybe they should allow people to wear pyjamas in the workplace?

ChrisB said...

The five years before I retired 01-06 ( believe it or not civil service) I worked from home but can still fully sympathise about the number of interuptions and I often ended up doing 'core work' in the evening when the phone wouldn't ring or there were no emails or memos for urgent reponse. I never felt right working if I wasn't dressed albeit more casually than if I went into the office or I was at meetings. I'm sure he won't need it but good luck to your hubby.