Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Best Insignificant Blog?

I'm on the list!!

The list that is for The Insignificant Awards 2007!

Now I have to admit that rather vainly, I nominated me, after Ignorminious said that he had nominated himself, and I noticed that Anna from Little Red Boat had nominated herself. So, I thought, WHY NOT? And amazingly, they accepted my nomination!

After all, if no-one knows who you are, and you are therefore an insignificant bloggy person, then you just have to take a chance and ask if you can be considered as possibly the best insignificant bloggy person.

Now of course it's a bit of a dilemma, because lots of the nice sites that I visit, and like, are also nominees. But there you go. Perhaps if one of us wins there'll be enough custard creams to share them around.

So if you do like me, please do have a look at the site and maybe give me a vote.

But actually, more importantly, if you haven't seen it already, have a look at ED, on the Orange website!


Asha said...

I saw the list Sally! It's hilarious!:)
I don't think you blog is insignificant,but taking part is the way to go,right?;)Good luck.

Ignorminious said...

Anna has nominated herself as well? Damn, now I have no chance of winning! Little.Red.Boat was the first blog I ever started following. It would be unfaithful to try and beat her.

Also her blog is better written and infinately more funny than mine.

Beccy said...

Congratulations Sally, you've got my vote!

Debbie said...

Emily looks gorgeous! You must be suuuch a proud Mum!

emilina ballerina said...

no,don't look at it, they didn't let me wear any make up and my hair's gross!aaaaa!

i voted for u btw ;)
love you xxxxxx

Sally Lomax said...

Ahh thank you everyone. That's really kind. Apparently Asha they say that it's called "insignificant" because it is unheard of blogs!! And it's a means of getting blogs that are unheard of heard.

Ignorminious - don't be so modest!

Thank you for the vote Beccy!

And thank you Ems!

And thank you Debbie!! I am very proud. She doesn't like the photo -but find me a teenager that does. They took them when she thought she was "waiting" to be photographed. So they are all very naturalistic. I like them though, and I like the funny clothes too. They make her look differnt to her normal appearance, but really lovely even so.... However, the piccy seems to have disappeared today... Perhaps it will be back tomorrow?? Who knows!


meredic said...

Dear me!
So if I hang my breadcrumb in your comment box I might get famouserist?

Sally Lomax said...


Meredic, I don't understand waht you're saying!!

(said in the voice of the chicken in "Chicken Run" who asks veryone if they have been on holiday, or says "but I don't like gravy"


Ignorminious said...

I'm not being all that modest. My blog isn't bad, even if I say so myself, but Anna is in a totally different class as a writer. Her wit is far more imaginative than mine and her range of subjects significantly better chosen.

Was ED the blonde one in the little banner thing that has been changed today?

Sally Lomax said...

Yes she was!


Sally Lomax said...

Oh Thank you Beccy! You've given me a proper nomination! So now i am not just self nominated!


Ignorminious said...

She is very pretty. They should put her back up!

Kingston Girl said...

I have looked on several days and haven't found a blonde girl yet - bring her back so I can see her please!

Sally Lomax said...

I've put a piccy on myself now, as they seem to have taken it off for now! See the Monopoly blog!