Monday, December 11, 2006

Orange Gymnastics

It was the Christmas display for the gymnastics club.

The official photographer was out of contact it seemed. So on Saturday monrning, they asked me.

As eldest daughter will tell you, it was possibly an unusual choice, plus as we have a digital camera, notorious for a time lag, photos of fast gymnastics are tricky at best.

The gymnast amongst us (daughter number three, the 8 year old (DNT)) had to be there early. We all set off to join her at the gym a little later.

Then we turned round and went back home for the tickets.

Set off again.

Had forgotten DNT's change of clothes for post display Christmas party.

Turned round again. Collected clothes. Set off again.

Finally arrived.

Found spot in hall to be "official photographer for the evening". Explained situation to one or two people that I knew, in case they wondered why I was crawling round the display in various strange poses, clearly trying to get a better view of proceedings than them.

Took first photo and in true Sally style fell flat on my face having tripped on the gym mat. Caused great hilarity amongst friends and family, although hubby managed not to notice.

Crawled around the gym for the next hour, doing my absolute best to be best available amateur photographer for occasion. Managed to get some good shots, despite time lag. Changed batteries half way through. Deleted a few wasted photos , so as not to use up all the card before the end. Was beginning to enjoy myself. Felt like quite a professional.

Then came the speeches at the end. "Thanks to everyone etc etc....And finally, we just have a few more photos to take. The photographer managed to get here after all, and we are so very grateful to him." "HIM?" I wasn't aware that there was any doubt over my sexuality. Looked over and there was a true professional photographer, with proper camera. Oh..........

Afterwards the Gym proprietor came over to me, full of thanks for stepping in at such short notice to take photos. I felt perplexed and clearly looked so. She explained that the real photographer had arrived unexpectedly at the last minute, but she does still want my photos, because gym photos are very tricky, especially with the time lag on digital cameras...

Then had a chat with the pro. He told me that gym photos are very tricky on digital cameras, because of the time............. yes, yes I know.............

So a good time was had by all, and the party was good too.

And finally.....Eldest Daughter (otherwise known as Emily Lomax) is now on Spanish T.V. apparently! (But not on the internet yet). So if you happen to be in Spain currently, and you see an ad for Orange this Christmas, she's the blonde, blue eyed one. She'll either be sitting on a swing in the snow, on a shopping trolley in a carpark with a Starbucks in her hand, skating on an ice rink, or in a changing room putting ice skates on. She'll be telling you in fluent Spanish (dubbed of course) about the best contracts to go for with Orange.............. Please tell us if you see her!

p.s. She's now on the internet. She's the one on the front page of the website, holding a coffee cup!!


meredic said...

Pobably just as well that he turned up because you know.... digital cameras can be a bit tricksy ... what with the time la... ow... hey what was that for?
*rubs sore ear*

Sally Lomax said...

hah hah!!


emilina ballerina said...

heehee i wish i had recorded that oh-so-graceful moment when you fell flat on the floor, bottom up in sync with a group of everso skilled somersaulting gymnasts!i must say...i feel priveleged to have seen it ;-) xxxxx

ChrisB said...

This is such an amusing post would have liked to have seen you performing!!

What a pity the advert wasn't out when I was in Spain wonder if it will still be showing when I go back in March.

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Chris

Probably not, because it was inteneded as their Christmas campaign and they are all very wintery scenes.

That said, other than in one shot, for one of the ads (and there were four in total) there isn't actually any mention of Christmas itself, so there is no reason why it might not go on a bit after Christmas. But probably not til March sadly...

Glad you like the post. I had to laugh at myself for falling over. I was in full view of about 200 people!


Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Em!


Ignorminious said...

Oh Sally! I can't decide whether to feel sorry for you for falling on your face or just laugh at you about it!

At least those photos didn't go to waste in the end :)

Beccy said...

You've made me laugh Sally but it's just the kind of I'd do!

Sally Lomax said...


Definitely laugh. I did, and so did everyone else!!

It was funny. Especially given the circumstances and the elegance of the gymnasts!

Beccy - I'm so glad that I'm not the only person like me!!


civil servant said...

Love the way they've animated the image. She glides into the picture like a dalek in a winter coat with a hot drink!

Ignorminious said...

Hehe. I'm reminded here of that episode of the Vicar of Dibbly where Dawn French tries to mirror a professional ballet dancer on stage. Have you seen that one?

Sally Lomax said...