Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Fridge - again?

New fridge, which had been ordered by manufacturer as replacement of one that arrived in July and never worked, for tenants, who have lots of rubbish, FINALLY arrives.

Only problem is that it is delivered directly to the flat, but the old fridge, which is actually a new fridge but a not working new fridge, and older than the new new fridge, to us anyway, and so it is now henceforth called the old fridge, is still in there too. The room where both fridges sit would be considered on the small side for cat swinging possibilities and that is with just one fridge freezer present. With two, the cat wouldn't get a look in, and in fact one tenant will now be doing somersaults into his bedroom in order to work around the fridge. Not good.

"Please can you take it with you?" I say to the delivery drivers.


"Why not?"

"Because we haven't been asked to."

"Please could you make a call and ask them to?"

"We can. But we know what the answer will be."

Call. Surprise, surprise. No reply.

"So what do we do now." I ask.

"There's nothing we can do." They say.

I ask if they will at least take the packaging with them, to which they concede. This reduces the bulk sufficiently to at least be able to swing the cats whiskers.

They leave.

Tenant and I are left stunned at situation.

Would anyone like a secondhand non working fridge? It's yours for collection.

p.s. Will not be eating meatballs in Ikea for a long time.
p.p.s. I'm sure that some Whirlpool appliances are very good


Ignorminious said...

Ugh! We had the same thing just the other week, except for us it was both fridge and freezer that were getting changed. The fridge was changed first, as it was old and needed replacing, which was fine, except we had the old one sat out the front for a while until the landlord removed it. Sadly, they hadn't bothered to measure the gap for the new fridge, and the one they'd bought was too big.

It is decided therefore to put the fridge in and buy a new freezer as well, so that everything will fit. We remove old freezer and stick in new fridge. All well and good, except no one is coming to remove old freezer. It sat in the middle of the kitchen for a few days before we all went slightly insane and decided to put it under the stairs. This was in September.

The landlord finally finds replacement freezer that "should fit" in November and we have it delivered. It does fit, just about, which is good, except that we still have old freezer sat in the hall under the stairs, from where it was eventually moved just the other week.


Sally Lomax said...

Sigh indeed!


Beccy said...

If you lived here Sally you pay a recycling charge on every new electrical item you purchase. When big items are delivered such as fridges they have to take the old way away and recycle it.

Sally Lomax said...

That sounds sensible. The silly thing is though that this was a fridge that we bought back in July, but it didn't work on arrival. We have been fighting to have it replaced since it arrived - brolken. Meanhwile I feel quite sorry for our tenants in the flat, as they haven't had a proper working fridge.

I think that customer service can be so dreadful in this country!


ChrisB said...

Sally this brings back memories of when Sam's big blue fridge (american style) broke and had to be replaced for the incoming tenants in her flat, which is in Greenwich. Mike and I had travelled up to clean and check the flat (you know what its like you pay a fee to a letting agency and do they do their job no it's a big con- don't get me on my soap box on this subject). Anyway we couldn't get the fridge dismantled to get it out down the stairs so we had to get it out through the sitting room window across the garden and onto the pavement. How the two of us managed to do this without damaging ourselves or the flat I don't know. The replacement fridge/freezer was not so large and we got that up the stairs ok. We left the old fridge on the pavement and got the council to remove it.

Sally Lomax said...

Yes! i know! Clean standards adn expectations sem to vary WIDELY! And I am no angel when it comes to "clean"!!


Debbie said...

Why not get a third tenant and house him in the old fridge - or the old old fridge?

Sally Lomax said...


What a brilliant idea!

How much do you reckon we could charge?

"Bijou apartment, heating controls slightly dodgy but nonetheless very cosy acommodation?"


Damian said...

Stick an address on it and send it back to the manufacturer, postage owing.

Sally Lomax said...

I might well do that Damian!