Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weblog Awards 2007 and Portsmouth


I have made some nominations for this!

Have you made yours?

And if anyone thinks me worthy in any way, then mine's: all British; funny when not thinking about it, so I'm told; pretty much unknown and very surprised and delighted when people tell me that they are reading me, especially when I had no idea, as happened today! (Thank you person in question. Was very surprised and very delighted!); and (I am told by my friends) written well enough for people to want to read more of me. (That is apart from the odd little blip here and there, as pointed out occasionally by a certain commenter who shall remain anonymous, as she or she is anonymous to me at least, but since the little blip is clearly one of my best friends after all because he/ she wished me a happy Christmas and I like everyone who wishes me a happy Christmas.) There isn't a category for mad woman with five children I don't think, but if there is, then that would probably fit best.

As for Portsmouth. Looks like it's off. Watch this sapce for how , why and when. Coming soon.....


ChrisB said...

I will have a look at your link for the Weblog Awards. Are you very disappointed about Portsmouth? It will save you all the worry and stress that comes with moving. Well just until the next time it comes up!!

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Chris!

No - not disappointed. Relieved because we won't be diosrupting any of the children's major exams etc or having leave any to fend for themsleves a little young! And as you will see from the next blog, it's good news!

Will write about it tomorrow hopefully!!