Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blogger's Anonymous

Huge house with huge mortgage for huge family, looks and decidedly is worse than your average bombsite. Plus I have tons of paperwork to sort, some lines to learn for a play, some broadcasting stuff to do and GOODNESS KNOWS what else. As six year old would say: "Mummy's feeling a bit stressed. Don't worry Mummy."

I made a new year's resolution to sort out, to write, to put photos into frames and to lose weight.

So, how am I doing?

You might well ask!

Weight loss is for me, on the better side of average. Just don't look too closely yet at the bits hidden by the things that clothes are supposed to hide. Well isn't that what clothes are for?

Two new photos are framed, which is on target - just!

And the sorting?


The sorting looks as if I have never started, which, other than a little flurry at the beginning of the month, is probably because I haven't really.

And the writing?

Other than the odd note to one of the many teachers that we communicate with, and many cheques for the new term of five children's activities, the only thing that I have written is my blog.

So be not offended by my absence from your blogs this week!

As a self confessed addicted blogger I am in rehab for the week, until I have washed all the paperwork, ironed the dishes, filed the clothes, dishwashed the children and got everything else back to normal.

Normal for me anyhow.


Beccy said...

I know how you feel and how addicted blogging is. Have you tried to set up a blogroll? I set mine up last week, it takes a bit of time to organise it but then you can read just blogs with new posts on your blogroll and only have to visit the blog if you want to leave a comment.

Not sure if that makes sense but it certainlt saves time.

Beccy said...

Ooops lots of mistakes, addictive and certainly!

Sally Lomax said...

How do you do it Beccy? That sounds good!

civil servant said...

Soft, strong and very long?

john.g. said...

Bless you,Sally, and good luck.

ChrisB said...

Sally we'll be here when you surface good luck with everything

Asha said...

Blogging is tough contrary to what ppl think!!We all should take a break once in a while.
Go to Google Reader Sally and they will guide you to set up a blog roll,takes few mins and saves loads of time!:))

Beccy said...

Well Sally I did it for Mum and it's quite simple. First you go to bloglines.com and sign up. Find where is says about saving blogs and click. Then you drag a 'sub with bloglines' to your bookmarks or bar. You choose the one that goes with your internet system eg safari or firefox. Then you visit the blog you want to sign up and click on your 'sub with bloglines' it will then take you to a blogline page, you click on a box and suscribe. You repeat this with all the blogs you want to sign on. To see your blogroll click on feeds and hey presto the new posts will be in bold!

Hope this makes sense Sally, it really is worth the few hours it takes to set up!

Another question, did you upload your photo in the comments box before you switched to beta? I've been trying to upload a photo and it won't let me!

Norma said...

A good chuckle. I'm addicted too--10 blogs, but it's cheap and keeps me out of bars.

Ignorminious said...

You dishwash your children!? And I thought I was mean for nearly binning them!

Sally Lomax said...

Beccy - I uploaded my photo into my profile settings, and I also loaded it onto my template page. it came onto my commnets automatically when I switched to Beta. I don't think Io loaded it onto my comments box, but I'll have a look.

Sally Lomax said...

Found it!

When you have loaded it onto your profile, you then tick the box that says "show profile image", on your comments box settings.

Hope that helps.

taking me a long time to fathm the blogroll thingy (I'm clearly a bit slow!)- but getting there!


Sally Lomax said...

Hooray have done it! Didn't take long at all.

You should now all be on my blogroll, and if not I know how i can easily add you!!

Thanks Beccy!


Momo said...

One way to get on a good footing with people is to agree with them without knowing what you are agreeing to...wash paperworks,irone dishes....and from now on the rest shoul follow!
See, you are the cool one!

Thanks for making me feel FREE

Beccy said...

Sally unfortunately Blogger is not letting me upload any photographs into my profile. Dillon tells me I need to find somewhere to host my picture as it will not load any from my blog, if that makes sense.

Glad you got your blogroll set up.

Sally Lomax said...


I'm confused!!

Sorry Beccy. I can't help. Blind leading the blind I think. I know that it camne onto my commnets automatically when the new version came in. I switched to Beta soon after starting blogging and just followed any general instructions. They must have chnaged the system. If I have any brainwaves I'll let you know!!


p.s. Getting there. Am starting to unearth things that I thought were lost and gone forever, have answered emails that have been outstanding for weeks and have finally put some ads on my site (sorry Iggy, know it's commercial and capitalistic and stuff, but so are all money making schemes.........). So hopefully, just MAYBE, people will start to shop sometimes from my site........ or at least clik on the ads sometimes!


Momo said...

Sorry if you are confused...I know it is because english it is not my mother tongue so I cannot feel the nuances... what I wrote previously it was smth funny!

I start loving you anyway! Too open-hearted....

Beccy said...

Yipee sussed it out Sally. Dillon has hoasted the photograph for me so I can use it, thanks for your suggestions.

meredic said...

Addicted to blogging??? Is this possible????
Just of for my fix then.....

Dave Hill said...

And when you've finished sorting out your photographs you can come and sort out mine - just the three million or so...

GBs Great Combination said...

Good luck with your resolutions!
Please visit my blog.

Sally Lomax said...

Beccy - Glad you sussed it! Love the photo!!

Momo - Thanks! you're lovely!

Meredic - Hope it was good!

Dave - three million???!!

GBS - Thanks! Visited all three of your blogs!! Maybe you too are an addicted blogger. I only have one!

Sally Lomax said...

Ignorminious - dishwashers are very efficient to run i'm told.

Norma - Thanks! 10 blogs ..... I still ahve a way to go yet then!

Chris, John G and Asha! Thanks! Back here now!!