Monday, January 22, 2007

Anti Ageing Device.

A few days ago I wrote about my diet, and in response to that post, Meredic replied that we should all weigh ourselves in Newtons.

Inspirational I thought. In fact it really got me thinking.

People are living longer, retiring later, being active for longer, and yet, on the whole, we still use the traditional way of defining middle age and old age. Not everyone of course. My mother had the longest "middle age" that I know of, and even now, at 80 this year, I think would still probably prefer to call herself middle aged.

The thing is though that given that we live on average a good sixty years after approaching adulthood, then really we need to think about redefining it all.

So, I have taken the initiative. An initiative which will mean that we are all young for much much longer. It's cheap. It doesn't involve any surgery. It lasts forever...

It's a new inspirational device to "de-age" all those of us who would like for it not to be quite so many years since that 18th birthday party.

The system is designed for those of us who don't want botox (too risky, can go wrong), certainly don't want a face lift (too expensive and too risky. Knife under the skin on the face? No thanks!), and those who have already found out that whichever cream you use, the main benefit is to moisturize......

It's a new counting system.

They are called Sally adult years (SAY for short).

Counting starts aged 20 in traditional years. I could have started at 18, but I decided that 20 was better, because it's easier to count up from 20.

This means that those who are 21 traditionally are now aged 1(SAY). Those who are having a crises about their 30th birthday are just approaching double figures (SAY).

Those younger than 20 will be minus years. i.e. My sixteen year old daughter will be minus 4. That means that she still has four years in which to behave like an adolescent if she should wish, be frivolous and answer her parents back. At minus four she has far more licence to do these things.

And those like me in their (shhhh) forties) are once again in their twenties (SAY). Young again!! When I get to 50 I will be celebrating my 30th (SAY), and 60, my 40th (SAY). You can't go wrong.

Middle age will go from 40 (SAY), and people need not be considered elderly at all until they reach 60 (SAY), or 70 (SAY)..........

Whatever suits ....


Momo said...

So this form of re- consider your age as SAY kept my attention for several hours...I am ONLY 5 SAY! funny, I am only five!
Should I re-consider my behaviour too?

Sally Lomax said...

Absolutely. The potential is enormous!!

Ignorminious said...

Ah brilliant! I've always wondered what it'd be like to relive my frst birthday! I wonder whether I'll get that red, blue and yellow ball again that I look so pleased with in the picture in the lounge?

Being 0 SAY gives me a whole new lease of life!

(Shortly to be ex-)Civil Servant said...

So you got married at age 4 - as did I, coincidentally(?). Doesn't that seem a little young, all of a sudden?

Sally Lomax said...


I guess if that's what you would like for your birthday, then why not?!!

Soon to be Ex CS - it certainly does!

Monday, 22 January, 2007

The very nice man said...

5 kids?? You've got 5 kids??
I thought I was bad with 4 children! Have you found out what causes it now??
Thanks for visiting my blog, o fellow Brit!

Beccy said...

Sally what a fantastic idea. I'll be 18(SAY) this year, party time, roll on November!

Asha said...

Nyah!! I think I will age gracefully,wrinkles and all and with my real age!!:D:D
Besides,too much brain strain while doing SAY math adds to my age! HeHeHe!!

Sally Lomax said...

Very Nice Man

Yes we have thanks! And you have four. You too are a member of the Big Family CLub! Because, let's be honest - the difference between 4 and 5 is not a lot really...........

Thanks for visting me!


Fantastic! Are we all coming over to Dublin then? I was thinking actually that blogging is the closest thing to university since university. You know chats with everyone, catching up with everyone, talking about frivolous and sometimes serious stuff, doing it all for fun............ So, on that basis you are starting t the right age: 18 SAS and I am simply a mature student at 24 SAS, which works very well really.

Quite right! How sensible you are!!


emily lomax ED said...


license to answer back!woop woop!

not that i would do that, of course, being the perfect model daughter and all ;)

liebe dich xxx

meredic said...

I like it.
I have heard of a similar system which says halve your current age and add 7.

enid said...

brilliant! now enid needn't feel so silly about acting her shoe size. if only she were only as old as her shoe size, 4, even in SAYs... ah! if she goes metric, her shoe size is 37, and even she is not that old in SAYs. Yah, younger than her shoe size again!

thanks, sally, what a nice way to brighten the day.

Sally Lomax said...

Meredic and Enid!

Glad you like it!

john.g. said...

Hi, Sally, i found your blog from reading Yaxlich. I`m 45 on Sunday, does that mean i`ve had it?
Love the post!

Beccy said...

You're so right Sally comparing blogging to university. The bloggers I've been 'meeting' are such a diverse and interesting group of people and as you say some posts make you laugh while other posts make you want to reach through the computer and give the persson a hug. I never knew what I was letting myself in for when I started blogging but am very glad I did.

Clare said...


I approve WHOLEHEARTEDLY. One of my favourite rants is the one I do when people in their 20s, 30s and 40s complain about being old. I've always said that there's no point in even starting to count until you reach adulthood. And, based on the assumption that a fair hunk of us will live to see our 70th, 80th and 90th birthdays, then when you are, for instance, 35, you've only had 15 years of adulthood. You've probably still got (at least) another 35 to go. You're less than a third of the way through. You might only be a quarter there. So if you start whingeing about being old now, you're going to spend three quarters of your adult life moaning on about how old you are. What a waste!

My (three) grandparents are in their 90s. They have a right to make age-related complaints. Everyone else can just shut up and get on with it. ;o)

Momo said...

You have an invitation for a meme on my blog...I (we) wait for your answers!

Susan S said...


I'll be having my 18th birthday this year! Anyone want a party!?!

Great site! Popped over from Mr E's!

Hugs, Susan

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Momo! Will try to respond asap!


Sally Lomax said...

John G!

Welcome to the site! And NO you are certainly NOT past it. You are only 25 (SAY) - same as I am in May!!


Not to be taken TOO literally!! Thanks!x


So am I glad that I started blogging!


Exactly my thoughts!!


Sally Lomax said...

Hi Susan!

And welcome!! Looked at your site too. Very funny!! I'm not sure hubby would see the funny side of a "Me" ad - even in jest......

Great idea though, and very funny. Have a look guys!


Susan S said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment! That's the only thing I don't like about xanga, that guests can't comment!

Yeah, not sure if my hubby will appreciate it either!, though he is a superhero to me, so guess I should edit and add that!

Wonder what Chris is up to today!? I'm being very lazy - daughter and I still in jimjams - she's been 'creating' art for the last hour ... my Mum and Dad's living room is a pit!

I've vistied some really interesting site through your blog!

Have a great day.

Hugs, Susan <><

PS I'm sure I know you from somewhere! Have you done TV? Or been up to Scotland?

Steffi said...

Hello Sally!
Thank you very much for your nice comment in my blog.Now I like visit your blog too!
Sorry please about my bad english!!


Sally Lomax said...

Hi Susan

No not been on TV, although my voice has - in commercials, and I was the English female voice over for a documentary about Versailles.

I have been up to Scotland a few times as hubby used to work there, in Faslane, when in the Navy, and my brother lived in Edinburgh for a few years, until 8 year's ago. And, many, many years ago I was in a play on the Fringe.

Maybe you saw it?!! (Although I fear I looked very different then!!)

I wish I could speak another language as well as you do! Your English is great.


ChrisB said...

Sally I'll just say I'm growing old gracefully. I remember when I got to 30 telling Beccy and Sam you start going backwards (and that was a long time ago).

Sally Lomax said...


Sounds to me that you adopted this idea a long time ago. Just worded differently!! :)


Sam said...

weigh yourself in newtons? What, you mean like fig newtons?

-Sam [20-SAY]

Sally Lomax said...

I wondered....
Or maybe it's a variant on New Towns? As in Newton Abbot for instance.

Now I would be very small if I were weighed in towns. Tiny.

Now there's an idea....

swampwitch said...

I'm not sure I took enough math classes to decipher all this. I just know that my chronological age and my developmental age don't have the same number of digits. Thanks for visiting today.

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Swampwitch!

Thanks for visitng me too!