Wednesday, January 10, 2007

True Love

The moment had come. The big date between Aged 8 and her beau had arrived.

He was invited for tea.

Now due our poor children having a mother who has passed the "lazy housewife's guide to survival" test with flying colours, they do not normally have the luxury of eating earlier in the evening as do some of their friends, because THAT would mean my cooking twice. And when you are cooking for seven people daily you don't want to do that. So, they instead have to endure an adult style dinner each night, as that way I can give them reasonably nutritious fodder, without having to cook two meals.

I am also a horrible mother in that despite being asked once by the youngest if I could cook nice food, the sort that little girls like to eat, like pizza and fish fingers and chicken nuggets, I instead quite often force feed them with stews, homemade soups and other horrible things like risotto. I also don't let them have squash because of their teeth, I rarely cook puddings, because that would make ME even fatter and I don't let them smother their food with that red stuff either. I'm so mean.

As Jack was coming round however, I made a concession, as I do when friends come, and asked Laura to find out his favourite food.


Now, the next bit is not because I consider it beneath me to buy frozen pizza from the shop. If the fancy takes I DO. I thought though that it would be a nice sort of child oriented activity. I was clearly feeling very benevolent. That is why I decided that we would make our own pizzas.

Youngest daughter also was also entertaining two friends. They were the female variety however, and were not invited to stay to eat with us. Admittedly ED is away on a school exchange this week, but even so, seven people is enough to feed on a week day evening.

So, with dough from the bread maker, grated cheese, pineapple, ham and tomato puree, we made a sort of Lomax version of deep crust pizzas. Considering there were five untrained sous chefs in tow, we did a reaonable job.

And the subsequent rearrangement of ingredients wasn't too demanding.

I served up supper.

Youngest child, aged 6, took one bite and announced that she prefers "proper pizza, made by professionals."

Jack, who is apparently the only boy aged 8 with, it seems, perfect manners, (or maybe it's just that when my boy was 8 years old he didn't bring home very good examples of well mannered friends, or something like that), announced that his Nan was the best pizza cook that he knew, as she cooked Asda pizza.

They all ate it though, and asked for more. Children can be very strange.

Meanwhile the subject of birthdays came up. Now, we we have a strange habit in our family of sharing birthdays: me, having narrowly missed my older brother's birthday by three hours, despite being born three weeks early (first and last time as an early bird. Didn't suit me clearly); my first sister in law who shares my mother's birthday; my youngest child who was born on my second sister in law's birthday; and hubby and me who don't share, but who neverthless are exactly the same age bar six days. (He is the older man of course.)

So when it transpired that Jack's birthday is the same day as mine it seemed that it must be fate.

It's obviously true love amongst the 8 year olds.


Ignorminious said...

Awwww how sweet!

I love home made pizza :D Perhaps if I find the time I will make myself one sometime soon.

Keep us updated on all the excitement. Are 8 year old wedding bells sounding do we think?

Sally Lomax said...

Well maybe a ring out of a cracker or something at least..


enid said...

enid loves home-made pizza too. it's a great thing for vegetarians. enid also like proper cooking too, and does it most nights. the only problem is that in molvania all you can buy is pork or chicken or very expensive steak, so enid gets quite wistful for lamb and game.

Kingston Girl said...

It's a good thing you record this all for prosterity - one day, they may be together when they are old and can come back and see the records of their first date!!!

PS Have finally got round to updating my links and have added you on

Asha said...

So sweet!Love connection for 8 yr olds!Glad they enjoyed the Tea:))

Let me tell you about cultural differences!My daughter is almost 16 and we have made her promise that she will not date until she is 18, if possible until 21!!!

I know I know! It's child abuse,isn't it?:D:D

ChrisB said...

Great post, gave me a chuckle, sounds though the 'date' was sucessful.

meredic said...

When I bought a girlfriend home my mum used to put them on the spot with this little gem.
"Well, are you sleeping together or do I have to make up an extra be?"
She knew how to set people at ease......

Momo said...

hmmm, there must be such a special feeling being a mommy...i can tell from your lines that you are a proud mom!

Beccy said...

Glad to read the date went well. I've started making homemade pizza and Mollie has great fun designing them.

Love Jack's comment about his Nan's Asda pizza, lol.

Sally Lomax said...

Aww!! Thanks Kingston girl!! Have added you too now!!

Poor Enid, No lamb....
Still, at least you can make home made pizza there!

Asha, I think that your daughter must be lovely. she obviously understands why you have asked this of her. Although, presumably pizza with a friend in her mother's company would be acceptable?

Chris - indeed. BTW, my travel guy can't come tomorrow, so travel is next week.

Wow Meredic!! My mother was NOT so open!!!!!

I am proud Momo, and yes it is special. (BTW, By lines, you do mean writing do you? Or did you mean the lines on my face? ( Looks in mirror feeling insecure and paranoid. finds some make up to put on QUICKLY!!)) :)

I thought the Asda comment was brilliant too Beccy, but also youngest daughter's comment..... She nearly made me fall off her chair! It was SO matter of fact!!!


Nicole said...

OMG- I just noticed that the ad at the top of the page is your daughter's. Its fantastic, she looks beautiful!
You must be so so Proud.

Sally Lomax said...

I am!! Thank you Nicole!!