Thursday, May 03, 2007

In the mind of Sally...............

Over the last two months, I have been challenged by Enidd , Chris and Keith. Shamefully I have put it off and put it off, and put it off.........

So now, as promised I shall answer all three together!

First is Enidd's challenge...........

Enidd, who is one of the funniest bloggers ever, challenged me to be interviewed, and here it is!

What do you most enjoy about acting?

To be absolutely honest I am not sure what I enjoy most about acting. I just know that it is part of me that I couldn’t live without. I think I enjoy being someone else – although those someone elses are not always who you would want to be…………… but you can immerse yourself in a different person’s psyche for a short while, and that is brilliant!

Perhaps though I am just a bit egotistical..........and it suits my egotistical qualities, which don't get a chance to be aired elsewhere in my life, to act!

2) A mystery envelope has arrived in the post. what would you like it to contain?

A cheque to pay off the mortgage!

3) Which 4 celebrities, alive or dead, would you invite to dinner?

I would only invite living ones, because dead ones wouldn't be too much company, and I think I would have the following to dinner.........

Richard Gere
Hugh Grant
Emma Thompson
Colin Firth

4) And what would you cook for them?

I would cook things that I know would work!


A homemade soup

Salmon en croute
Roasted vegetables
New Potatoes

Chocolate Torte

Plenty of wine in case the food isn't perfect and lots of chocolates - only Green and Black's Thorntons or Lindt - to end the meal with nice coffee and a dessert wine.

5) Dog or Cat? And why?

A dog, because our cat currently has a senile dementia problem which has led to much urinary incontinence, and ..........he’s a pacifist and doesn't kill mice.

Now, Chris B awarded me with this nomination……


I responded that I don’t think too much and I write much trivia.

However, I was very happy to be nominated, especially by Chris who was one of my very first bloggie friends!

You are supposed to think of five people whose blogs make you think, but as I am very late to do this, the rest of you have already named most of the people that I would have named………

So, I am going to point you in the direction of just two people that you possibly don’t know.

The first is Enid. This is not Enidd. But Enid. Enid and I have been friends since 1995, when we went to live in Northern Ireland for four years. She lives with her partner and writer Ian McDonald and has been writing a blog for 18 months. Recently she has been in the wars having had to undergo surgery, but she has a wry sense of humour in telling us all about it! Ironically, although I have known Enid for 12 years, I only realised very recently that she too was a bloggie!

And the second is Alice Band. I only came across Alice recently but she writes a great blog and is also a columnist for the Western Daily Press. I was very honoured when I realised that she liked my blog, because I really think that she has a real talent for entertaining.


And finally in response to Keith's challenge of many moons ago............ Keith is celebrating his 70th birthday today, so do pop over and wish him a happy birthday! I call this the three things challenge:

1. 3 Things That Scare Me:

The thought of my children being involved in an accident or being seriously ill.
The thought of going bankrupt.

2. 3 People Who Make Me Laugh:
Jo Brand
Dawn French
Victoria Wood

3. 3 Things I Love:
Hot Summer Days

4. 3 Things I Hate:
Being cold
Reality TV

5. 3 Things I Don’t Understand:
Why months are always longer than money
Why, when people are living longer and longer we still regard people in the workforce as over the hill once they reach forty.
The point of reality TV.

6. 3 Things On My Desk:
Computer monitor

7. 3 Things I’m Doing Right Now:
Drinking Tea
Thinking of all the things I SHOULD be doing

8. 3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Take the children on proper holidays
Pay off the mortgage
Become a well paid famous writer, broadcaster and voice over artist

9. 3 Things I Can Do:
Deal with large institutions with good results – although I actually hate it really. I’d like the world to be more straightforward!
Do voice overs
Read great bedtime stories to the kids!

(That’s six ………… But hardly anyone realises that I can do most of these things, so I am taking this opportunity so that I don’t die not having achieved number 8!!)

10. 3 Things I Can’t Do:
Play any sort of sport involving a ball. I fall over it and miss it!
Play a musical instrument. I learnt the piano for years and regret giving it up at 16, but never really made good progress with it.
Find my way in new places. I have a dreadful sense of direction and have to rely heavily on maps and road signs and help! Once I know the layout of where I am going, I’m fine, but I need to drum the place into my long term memory before it makes any sense!

11. 3 People I Think You Should Listen To:
Your children; your partner; yourself and your own instincts

12. 3 Things You Should Never Listen To:
Negative people; music without tunes; Country and Western

13. 3 Things I’d Like To Learn:
How to sing properly
French beyond the schoolgirl level
How to play the piano properly

14. 3 Favorite Foods:
Salmon, exotic salad and new potatoes
Roasted vegetables
Chocolate, preferably very intense version of Green and Blacks, Thorntons or Lindt!

15. 3 Beverages I Drink Regularly:

16. 3 Books I Read as a child.
The Secret Garden
The Little Princess
To Kill a Mockingbird

If you too would like to take up one of these mad challenges, please feel free. If you would like to be interviewed, drop me a line and I'll send you some questions!

p.s. After writing this I realised that there two more people that I read regularly, but many of the rest of you don't: Ignorminious and Meredic. I have been reading both of these from months and so they come highly recommended!


enidd said...

what good answers, sally! and thanks for introducing enidd to some new people on the interweb...

Lisa said...

I loved the country and western part, I'm with you, Sally!

ChrisB said...

Sally this was worth the wait (if I'm truthful I'd forgotten you hadn't responded but I'm glad you did as these are an excellent read).
I'm off the look at the blogs you recommended.

Alice Band said...

Sally, Fantastic post. Like being on Jonathon Ross but without the pressure of looking gorgeous! We have a lot in common apart from the fact that I have an in built GPS system and I love Wife Swap - is that reality TV?
Very, very honoured to be a recommended read - thankyou x

Anonymous said...

5. 1)should that not be longer my dear.

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks for the challenge Enidd!

Glad you agree Lisa! i must admit that it doesn't grate as much as it did when I was younger, but the thought of a whole eveing with it would drive me me demented!

Alice - I always look gorgeous! (!!!!???!!!!)

Sally Lomax said...


You are absolutely right!! Now corrected!

Beccy said...

Sally you managed to fit in a lot there and have given me more blogs to read...can you give me more hours in the day too?

john.g. said...

Great stuff, Sally !

Sally Lomax said...

Beccy - a sort of SAY system for days for bloggers?? How about SADS : Sally adjusted day system??!! :) Glad you liked the post!

Thanks John!!

Asha said...

Great choices and what a dinner you have for those stars you would like to invite!!:))

Great reading Sally.

Ignorminious said...

Thanks for the mention Sally :)

Always appreicate having some readers sent my way. For some reason I don't seem to draw them in quite as easily as you!

slimmeroftheyea said...

Thanks for the link! I would give the interview a go as well. Good luck with the radio broadcast today.

slimmeroftheyea said...

By the way I still don't understand why your blog doesnt come up with my friends thingy. oh well.

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Enid!

Will send you some questions!!