Friday, May 04, 2007

Farewell Forest of Dean Radio!

Today is a bit of an historical moment for me.

It's probably not historical compared to world wars, space travel or a new Harry Potter film coming out. But for little me, in little - well quite big as counties go actually - old Gloucestershire, it's a big moment.

It will be my last ever Friday Lunch Live on Forest of Dean Radio.

After three and a half years of broadcasting my show every
Friday I have decided to take a break. The station have therefore decided to chop the show, because they feel that it has my mark stamped on it and wouldn't work with someone else. Better to have a new show with a new format and new presenter.

It's a bit sad, but it is entirely my decision.

Forest of Dean Radio is a voluntary organisation, and we all give our time for free. We don't expect to be paid, because if we were, the money that we get from various funding sources would not be sufficient to pay what are unndoubtedly exorbitant broadcasting costs. Also they are a great organisation in that they train broadcasters from scratch. Anyone can have a go and every idea is listened to. You can't get that on any commercial station....

During my time with FODR it has been quite a monumental period for community broadcasting and we were in fact the first community station in the country to receive a full time licence.

It's all very exciting........but I need a break, as ideally I would like to widen my CV and get some paid writing or broadcasting work. As you all know, I have ED, ESOS, Sensible, Gymnast and Tinkerbell Mushroom to consider and as such for every bit of work I do, paid or voluntary I need to work around the family commitments first.

Despite my working to help pay for huge house for huge family, we do try to make sure that one or other parent is always in charge, and as hubby does a 9-5ish Mon to Fri job, I have to be more creative with my time! And I can't do it all! At this point in my life I just don't have time to do the unpaid stuff.

So.......if anyone out there is looking for someone like me, I'm on the market. But please note that this time I'm for sale, not for free. Oh yes and some more voiceovers would be nice too! They pay nicely thanks! I do have full Equity membership, can be heard on Voicefinder, and, if you are listening today*, can be heard broadcasting on Forest of Dean Radio today at 12 0'clock......... Do tune in!

*I'm repeated too at 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. tomorrow!


hubby said...

Good luck this lunchtime! Break a leg!

(Actually, on second thoughts, ...)

Beccy said...

Enjoy the last show and I hope you get lots of paid offers for your vocal talents.

Ignorminious said...

Is it just coincidence that on the very last time you do your show I happen to be at my computer for the first time during the show since I've known you.

I'm listening in as I type :)

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

yes i also love to lisiten farewell forest of dean radio. thanks for visiting my blog. keep in touch with me.........

enidd said...

ooh, beaten to it. don't break a leg! enidd hopes you get lots of voice over work. (not leg over work. that would be rude.)

Asha said...

At least you know what you want,so no regrets,right? Enjoy your break.Have a great weekend,I see you on Monday:))

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Hubby - it wasn't a curse as it turned out!

Thanks Beccy! Fingers crossed!

Did you enjoy it Ignorminious?

Thank you Raghu!

Thanks Enidd! So do I!!

You have a nice weekend too Ahsa!

john.g. said...

Good luck Sally, i'm sure you'll be a success at whatever you try.

pierre l said...

I have just been listening to the Saturday repeat of your last show and really enjoyed. Although I would have enjoyed it even but for the slight sadness that it was the last one. It seemed to end rather suddenly - am I right in thinking that the original would have been 90 minutes long?
It was certainly interesting (I knew nothing about hypnotherapy before) and the choice of music was good too (Sorry, this doesn't help the people who missed, but what can I do?).
I shall have to listen to Classic FM more often and listen for your voice-overs. I hope you get lots more work so you are happy and we can hear you more often.
I shall also have to go and visit ignorminious again (when he is not in Bristol, he lives about 5 miles away from me.
At first I was slightly uncertain about your children's new names, but I really like them now.
Good luck for the future, but keep writing, please.

Ignorminious said...

Oh yes it was great :) Loved the choice of music. I think you should be given your own station. Lomax FM anyone?

meredic said...

Hang on I've been meaning to tune in to you every time I've run down to Bristol for ages.
Is there a listen again link somewhere on the interweb?
Good luck with whatever is next.

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks John G!!

Glad you liked it Pierre. I'm very honoured to be a replacement for Classic FM!!

Wow Ig! Lomax FM!! Thanks!

Meredic - Just for you, see the next blog!

ChrisB said...

I missed this one. So hope it went well. I shal go and read the next post to find out.