Thursday, April 12, 2007


When we first moved to huge house, with huge mortgage for huge family, over four years ago, we thought it might be nice for aged 6 and aged 8, two youngest, both girls to have their own rooms - because they could now.

So, first night in, we carefully separated out their stuff, as much as was possible, and put their beds into the correct rooms, put them into their respective beds, read to each of them and kissed them good night.

It all went very well. A friend of ours came to see the "new" house and asked youngest which room she liked best. "This one", said proud then 2 year old. "Why is that" said friend. "Because it's mine."

Two days later however, the scene changed.

Suddenly they realised that not sharing a room with each other meant that they weren't together when they woke up in the mornings, that toys had to be dragged from one room to the other and that life was generally, well a bit inconvenient for a 2 and 4 year old. They even had to find each other first before they came and jumped on our bed first thing.

So, youngest moved back into second youngest's bedroom, and both were happy again.

Two years later, we decided to be really nice parents, and gave them two interconnecting rooms, keeping one room as a playroom, and one as a bedroom. We decorated it all and made it look - in my opinion, gorgeous.

Hubby and I moved out of those rooms, into their old bedroom.

Everyone was happy again.

Until now.

In recent nights the house, has suddenly been full of monsters, ghosts, other things to incite bad dreams and sleepless children. Fortunately though, the monsters only seem to confine their activities to two rooms of the house.

Which is lucky, because a solution can of course be found........

I have to admit that whenever I look in on the offending monsters and ghosts and sleepless children, all I see are two little girls fast asleep and dreaming peacefully.

So they must be be quite small monsters really.

To solve the problem aged 6 and 8 have decided that they want to go back to the ORIGINAL room plan as decided four year's ago last September.

"Why is that" I asked aged 6 this morning.

"I don't know" she replied.

"We're growing up I suppose".


pierre l said...

Musical bedrooms! This also brings back memories of being woken up by small children first thing in the morning (hasn't happened for a while, the boys are now 28 and 29).

Sally Lomax said...

I know! Circus skills take on new slant when it comes to the antics of little ones trampolining on your bed at 6 am!

enidd said...

perhaps some bigger, fiercer monsters should take up residence in your room, quickly!

Ignorminious said...

Awwwww! That's quite sweet really, if rather inconvenient.

I am currently sat typing in the same room that I've had since the day I was born. It's changed a bit since then of course. About 9 years ago we had an extension, which both my brothers moved into and the wall between my room and the ajoining room was knocked down to make what is quite a decent sized room.

I can't imagine ever sharing a room. It'd drive me mad!

Asha said...

WOW!! Look at the wisdom of a 6yr old!!:D Aren't the girls sweetest?:)

Sally Lomax said...


Thinking BIG VERY BIG monsters right now............


Having never lived anywhere for more than 8 years I can't imagine what it must be like to have so much continuity in your life........but am a little envious in a way.


I agree!

ChrisB said...

I couldn't cope with all the squabling when my two shared, but maybe you haven't had that experience. Come to think of it the separate rooms didn't stop the squabbling, in fact even now they are in separate continents they can still be a bit bitchy sometimes (as in some of their email comments- sisterly love!!)

Sally Lomax said...

Yes I can relate to that Chris. Our eldest two squabble - lots. However, the younger ones do seem much better at getting on. Also, they have always shared. Lucky I guess!

Alice Band said...

I wanted to write you an email but somehow I coudln't. Just to say love your blog and dare I say slightly similar to mine in as much that we have rather a lot of kids between us and my husband does live in Portsmouth - Monday - Friday! My two and five year old share a bedroom and are beside themselves if, on waking the other isn't there for some reason - i.e in bed with me. As a novice blogger I'd appreciate your visit - the blog appears as a column in the Western Morning News on a Saturday and then I post it a few days later. I've only recently blogged - so the last five years are stuck in my dad's scrap book!

Sally Lomax said...

Dear Alice!

Thank you!!

Brilliant about your column!!

Will take more time to visit you later...............but am off up to the big smoke right now as have a rare chance to do a voice over. second in a month!! And with wonky leg!

Will blog when I get back! S

ChrisB said...

Are you allowed to tell us on which products you are doing voice overs.

ED who is very proud of her mum ;-) said...

Heya!My mum is in London now and asked me to check her comments!
Chris - She is doing a promo thing for Saatchi and Saatchi!how exciting!:)

pierre l said...

Thanks for the update, ED. Hopefully this work will result in something we can hear on the radio or see on TV.
Well done Sally!

frannie said...

awww- they are growing up. How sweet. I'm sure it's too fast for you, though.

pierre l said...

Hi Sally. I have just been reading your comments on Alice's blog. My wife was from Cheltenham with family in Gloucester, so I've heard about the Citizen (but it doesn't reach Berkshire, strangely enough).
I trust the voice-over work went well yesterday, and look forward to your next post.

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Pierre!

Yes it went very well thank you...

Will blog later!

It was four years agao now that I wrote for The Citizen. It was a great job!! Shame the editor changed!

The very nice man said...

Well, they say that a change is as good as a rest but they also say that he who pays the rent makes the rules.
Hmmmm . . what to do??
I guess these things are not too important (apart from being very important to the kids) and as long as the family is happy together, lets just all move around freely because one day very soon they are all grown up and moved away, after which all the moving rooms will be a nice memory for everyone.

Sally Lomax said...


Yes you are right i'm sure. It's just a shame that the other rooms are decorated for them. Still I like Barbie pink and hubby doesn't notice!

ED has just suggested that we put one of them in the adjoining room to thier bedroom - i.e. their playroom.

Seems it could be a good solution. Got a blog in first anyway!

How is the job hunting going?

edvard moonke said...

just listened to your voice demo, and I recognise it!

and what a great voice it is too... :-)

Alice Band said...

Sally! Thankyou for writing back to me - it's lovely to think that someone has visited my poor little lonely blog! Fancy your husband being in the Navy as well- that's amazing! I admire the 5th child thing(!), four has almost finished me off. I started my cloumn 5 years ago, i just wrote to the paper with a sample column and they went with it. I know what you mean though regarding being dropped as every time I mention a pay rise they threaten me with the chop - it hardly makes me feel cherished!

Alice Band said...

Me again - one to say I am THRILLED to see my blog on your list of blogs to look at! Two) How have you got such splendid ads on your blog. I love them all!! and three I've just listened to your voice reel. Very sexy! Miriam Margoyles look out!! I mean that voice wise obviously!!

pierre l said...

At the risk of sounding weird, or being completely wrong, I have been wondering whether the Orange picture at the top is a picture of ED.

I am afraid I am now off to revisit Alice's site...

Norma said...

A cute story. With a daughter and son, we didn't have that. Their rooms were decorated totally different, so there was no switching.

I hope your health is improving.

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Edvard!

That's very kind Alice!

Pierre - Yes indeed it is ED! I left it up there because even though the campaign in Spain is finished now, it's still a nice picture!

Norma - I can relate to that. My son's room is VERY different to the girl's ones! I'm much better now thank you!!

Sally Lomax said...

Oh yes - and forgot.............


The ads are through:


and also Adsense.........

pierre l said...

It is indeed a lovely picture of ED.

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better; I gave up asking in case it was bad luck.

Beccy said...

OK Sally my blogroll must hate you but I don't I promise!

Did I see my mother calling me a bitch, I hope not, I must have words with her!

Look on the bright side, you'll have your two rooms back, living in a shoebox that sounds good to me.

Ben's favourite thing is to have a sleepover in Mollie's room!

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Beccy!!

Exactly!! And as I said, Barbie Pink suits me fine.

Hubby is less keen to move - hassle - and thinks that they will probably change their minds again soon anyway.

We'll see. Will keep you posted!

Beccy said...

I have to say that if they do move back I think they should be warned that it's the last time and are they sure.

Just my opinion of course and bear in mind I'm a lazt git!