Monday, April 09, 2007

Hot Easter!

O.K.! So which bright spark arranged for it to be hot on Easter Sunday?

So hot that the STUPID Easter bunny didn't realise that the chocolate would melt, and left one of the eggs in bright sunshine? Surely the person who organises the weather and the EB should be in communication with one another?

Clearly not.

Thankfully it was ESOS (Eldest Son, only son) whose egg was melted, and being fourteen he put it in the fridge and later enjoyed the molten mass that it resulted in.

Family feasts can of course often result in disappointment. On an Easter Sunday before I was born, when one of my brothers was two, he walked down the stairs, chocolate egg in hand (..............well, so I am told. It's a story of good family tradition. You know, the sort, where you have been told so often, you know it so well, you think that quite probably you were actually there after all.........), when the dog, a border collie, ran past, skillfully grabbing the egg on his way, leaving poor bereft two year old brother, somewhat distraught in his wake........ (I think he's got over it now, fifty years on.)

As a result we made sure that we kept our own border collie in the house for said hunt. She looked soulfully from the window at us all, only being allowed out once most of the hunt was done.

There is however - so the Easter Bunny tells us - one Creme Egg still in the garden. Waiting to be found. We always manage to lose one every year. Is EB actually a bit of a chocoholic, eating on his way round I ask?

I then decided to make a simnel cake, forgetting that only one child (Eldest Daughter) likes marzipan. I don't remember that being a problem last year. Perhaps it's because I love marzipan so ate most of it myself.

Never mind. Easter's nearly over.

Back to the diet...........



john.g. said...

Sally, sod the Easter eggs, i'm waiting for Beccys' flapjacks!!

Ignorminious said...

In contrast, I enjoyed the the warm weather, except today when I was out with some friends. We'd found a field by the Thames where we intended to kayak and have a BBQ. I helped start the BBQ whilst both kayaks were in use, and upon getting it ready, the first two into the water reported that it was cold and wet and they'd much rather stand in front of the BBQ for an hour to keep warm. Since it was clouding over by that point and I was already a little cold, I decided to stay dry and eat lots of food instead!

Next year we need even more sun!

frannie said...

It was freezing here! I would have loved a warm Easter!

Beccy said...

The cake looks good. We enjoyed a lovely warm Easter here too.

Asha said...

Lot of goodies to eat!Looks great Sally! YUP!! On to diet next day!:))

Lisa said...

I wish it had been warm here, about 34F going to church, and not much better the rest of the day.
Looks like you all had fun, though!

Sally Lomax said...

Thank you all for the comments!!

Actually if the truth be known I am a little bit of a SAD person.............

So I LOVE the warmer weather. It was just such a shock to have an Easter Egg melted by sun!!!

However, it was great really and the warmer weather has definitely cheered me up!

Sensible decision to stay dry though Ig. It wasn't THAT warm!
What a shame Frannie. Come to England for Easter!!

Thank you Beccy!

Hi Asha - I love chocolate but hate what it does to me!!

Poor you Lisa! Ditto comment for Frannie!!

ChrisB said...

Sally we have a very god story about our collie x and Christmas choc.
I was tempted to make simnel cake but then decided against it and settled for Easter biscuits as I decided these were less fatening.

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Chris!

I have a brother who is an expert at losing weight successfully each year in time for a summer holiday. He has a very complicated set of rules, which include: you don't diet on major occasions such as Christmas, Easter or birthdays. I manage to get that bit of the rules right. I need to work a little on the rest!!

enidd said...

happy easter. enidd should say this in german, because you're in german too, just like chris. enidd suspects now that she's turning german! is there a cure?

Sally Lomax said...

Sehr Gut Enid!!!

Happy Easter to you too!!


mjd said...

Your Easter may have been hot, but you did have festive decorations and a festive day. Our Easter was chilly, and today we had snow here in Indiana in the US. But, Easter did bring us great news. Come and read about it here...Return of the White Robin

Sally Lomax said...

Lovely news MJD!!!

Had a good look - and at your daughter in law's blog too!!