Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comments please!


A Fridge for an Ornament? Very Nice! (October post)

A new fridge is being delivered. On Wednesday 6th December. It has only taken 5 months. Why on earth did I ever get stressed about it?

Comments (but not on a postcard) on all posts please!


Anonymous said...

very entertaining blog. My wife recommended i read it, particlularly the kylie bit, where H says wrong thing. Seems like a compliment. And its the thought that counts not the words.Someone's got to stick up for the poor chap.Apparently I still dont get it.
As for the teenagers, have a few of them myself.Someone told me they were 'hard-wired' into IT. Does this explain their complete inability to teach their parents anything about computers? Or is it that they are only pretending they know what they are talking about?
btw. well done to your angel for getting her first bit of stardom!

Sally Lomax said...

Thank you Anonymous! I agree about the IT thing. I'd like to make a link to one of my posts: A Fridge for an Ornament? Very nice! But I can't work out how to do that, and I can guarantee that asking one of my t.a.'s will get a response along the lines of "how should I know".........

Can anyone esle tell me how I do that please?


Beccy said...

I think how you link depends on whether you have a mac or pc. I have a pc and do it differently to Mum on her mac.

When I am composing my posts there are editing things (don't know what they're called) in the box above ie, bold, changing colour, font, centering etc. One of these is like a rams head. Underline the word/s you want linked and click on ram. A box will come up into which you can type the url(?) for the link. I have two windows open so I can copy and paste my urls.

Hope this makes sense Sally.

Sally Lomax said...


Between you, me and my computer boffin of a husband, we finally did it. For some reason it seems to be slightly more complicated on my computer than on yours, but you put me in the right place to start - thank you! - and we got there eventually!!

Thank you! From now on I can link to all sorts!


Beccy said...

Well done Sally, I'm looking forward to seeing the links!