Friday, November 17, 2006


On Wednesday I was our local shop buying some bits and pieces, and while I was there, one of the articles on the front page of a national newspaper caught my eye. They have discovered that if people don't drink or smoke too much, and keep fit, they will live longer. WOW! That really took some working out.

It got me thinking though, because when I last spoke to my 83 year old very physically fit father on the phone he said to me that my mother was feeling a bit low because her local amateur dramatic society, to which she has given her life for the last thirty years, no longer wants her talents.

They possibly feel that her ideas are old fashioned or inappropriate, in our (oh so much improved?) modern world.

Now, she is my Mum, so only I am allowed to say what I am going to say, and none of you are allowed to criticise her in any way shape or form. As far as YOU are concerned she is perfect. Admittedly though, she does sometimes have very strong opinions on the way things should be done, and for the last three or four years she has badly needed a hearing aid, but possibly for vanity reasons refuses to go and get her hearing tested and wear the said aid. This could mean therefore that she does miss certain things that are said, which could be important, and as sadly people are generally very intolerant of anyone with any aging disability, then they have possibly tired of speaking loudly to her to get their point across!

Grumble over however. My next point is far more important.

Why as a nation are we so intolerant of elderly people?

Why can we not accept that people who have fought in wars, had children, grandchildren, have cared for elderly parents, made money, lost money, paid off their mortgage, worn every fashion ever thought of and laughed each time it is reinvented, hosted more parties that your average celebrity goddess, were there when the word pizza was first used as a word in the English language, when courgettes made an appearance on the British meal table and when kiwis first turned the fruit bowl green - are not only older, but far far wiser than those half their age? And WHY do we not realise that if people are "written off" in their forties, there is a lot of life left yet - especially as everyone now understands thanks to said National Newspaper how to live a long and healthy life. Thank you National Newspaper.

I then went to pay for my goods. I didn't have enough cash on me - or wanted to preserve the little I had, and so decided to put it on a card. The joint account was the only one with any available funds. Knew that I couldn't remember the pin number, so looked it up before going into the shop in my secret pin number place that only I know about. Got into the queue. Had forgotten pin number again. Looked it up again. Got to the front of the queue................ and yes.............

But ........... I still intend to be a fit 80 year old. Just a slightly forgetful one at times. I'm busy. That's why I forget things occasionally!


ChrisB said...

Enjoyed this post it has made me reflect and I know there are times when I get impatient with my own Mum (she lives with us) as she always asks me to do something when I am busy but she just sees me as doing nothing. Then I feel guilty because what does it really matter if I can't get into the kitchen, read the newspaper or get on writing my blog; if she wasn't around the house would seem very empty.

Beccy said...

All these pin numbers we have to remember! I too have a secret place to keep one I just can't remember.

Emilina Ballerina said...

hey mum!found your blog heehee!i think its a great idea, as long as you only say loverly things about me ;)!

tbh, i can kind of understand that about the drama club, coz if you're in a play, you need to be able to hear others for cues!poor nanna tho,its her whole life-she must be gutted :(
love em xxx reply to beccy, she wouldnt remember her head if it wasnt screwed on, let alone pin numbers! (love ya really mum!)

Damian said...

I used to work for a bionic ear manufacturer. One of the things I learned about deaf people is that their work performance can suffer tremendously if they're not hearing. It makes it difficult to be a team player because they're not hearing things, and they appear bombastic and bullying for talking over others, and trying to drive the conversation because that's the only way they know what's going on. Indeed, being fired, or having work problems, is often the thing that gets adults to the doctor, and eventually to the audiologist.

The theatre is very similar to work - lots of team work, discussion and direction. If you can convince your mother to wear her hearing aids she will probably find that everyone is suddenly a lot easier to get along with.

Sally Lomax said...

Damian - Yes I agree completely about my Mum. She reads my blog, but as a hard copy, when I get round to sending it to her, and I am sort of hoping that this may prompt her to get her ears tested. I tell her quite bluntly that this is what she needs to do, but she ignores me!!! It (the blog) won't come as a surprise to her, and even if I annoy her momentarily, it may just have the desired effect. PLEASE!!

Chris - That's so true, and again, if I can convince her to get things sorted I am sure that she would enjoy the times that we do spend together more. She must be missing so much from her grandchildren.

Beccy - technology and pin numbers and technology and technology. AARGGGHH!!


Sally Lomax said...


I SOMETIMES remember my head!!