Friday, January 23, 2009

I looked like some sort of cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle

It's hubby's Christmas do tomorrow night.

Well... they are scientists, details such as it not actually being Christmas are not important, and anyway it's very nice to go to a "do" in the middle of January.

So I booked a hair appointment. "Lucky you" said ED, "having a day off. I have to do 9 til 6 tomorrow at Uni." Never mind ED. One day you too will be a "desperately seeking to be a desperate housewife" and you too will get the odd day off to do little more than have your hair cut.

Hubby always groans when I go to the hairdresser. "Just why do you pay them to do exactly what you don't want" he says. "I need them to cut it." I reply. "But you always hate it." He says. "Why do you keep going back?" "I like the cuts" I say. "And the colour? And the styling?" "You just don't understand" I always retort.

He is right of course. Just why I spend money at these places is beyond me. That said, I do need my hair cutting properly and the wash in rinses did leave my hair in a dreadful state last year and grey streaks are just not my thing at the moment. Yet. Will never be.

Roll forward, to today...

Half way through having my hair done, my hairdresser says to me, "Sally would you mind if Jodie finishes off your hair, only I have another client waiting, and you are easier to ask than her.." "Of course," I said.

Jodie took charge. "So, do you want it straightened?"

"No thank you" I say. I have views on very straight hair. They come from having naturally dull drab and straight hair. "I am going to my husband's office formal tomorrow night. Do you think that you could make it bouncy please?" She starts to dry it. All seems to be going well. "Shall I make it spirally with the GHDs?" She says. I do now know of course that GHDs can make good curling tools, and so I accepted gratefully.

When she got to the bit where I thought that she was going to use a comb to put it into some sort of style I sat back and relaxed. Instead though, she said "I won't use a comb, I'll just get the spray and that can hold it in place for you if you don't comb it between now and then." I half smiled. I looked at myself. I looked like some sort of cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a poodle. The top was flat and the sides looked as if my hair hair been curled with corkscrews, horizontally from the ears. She sprayed it.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"Ooh, very glam." Said the owner of the salon. I had been there ages. I needed to get home. Please don't anyone see me, I thought. Please don't let anyone see me. I walked home quickly, averting all gazes from oncoming cars so as to avoid seeing someone that I knew. Got inside, took a photo with my mobile phone, confirmed that I did indeed look like a corkscrew head and then went upstairs to adjust the damage. The back was beautiful and the curls can definitely be used tomorrow night and once I had changed the appearance somewhat, I was after all quite happy.

I went to check my emails. There was a message from ASOS saying that my order for shoes had been dispatched and that my niece and nephew would be receiving them by next day delivery tomorrow, just in time for the ball.

The only problem is that they are in Bedfordshire and I am in Gloucestershire and they are for me, not my niece and certainly not my nephew.

It seems that the last item I ordered was dispatched to their address, being a Christmas present and, as such that for some reason has become my regular address... even though the billing address is my address.

I am currently waiting for a call from the Customer Services Department.


Pamela said...

I've almost shipped things to the wrong address for the very same reason.

so where's your hair photo?

ED said...

I wanna see the hair piccie! I can just imagine it! you should let me curl it :) xxx

Akelamalu said...

I know exactly what you mean Sally. I have a wonderful hairdresser - she can and does whatever I ask of her. Cut, colour fabulous - blow dry no way. I always thank her then as soon as I get away I tutty it up myself and it's fine. I always say it's the cut that's important!

So where's the pic of the hairdo? ;)

I hope you get your shoes!

ChrisB said...

So I'm wondering did you get a call from customer services?

Flower Design Jane said...

Hi Sally
Great Read!

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about the shoes - Amazon does that sometimes - and did you get the shoes in time?
- and like ED, I want to see the curls!


Lynda said...

Hello Sally!

I have enjoyed your blog, hope I can visit again.
Love your hair story, I actually have one of those dogs your mentioned [a cavoodle] so I had amusing mental pictures of you! I am sure you would of looke lovely on the night.

Sally said...

Hi Pamela! Hair photo coming soon. It's on my phone, and I don't havea lead at the moment.
ED Ditto!
Ak - I agree.
Chris - eventually - but too late for a Saturday turnaround. I now have two pairs of shoes, with one pair waitng to go back.
FD Jane - Thank you!!
Rosneath - Yes - funnily enough, the last time that I ordered from Amazon i nearly did that, but spotted it in time. Very annoying! :)
Lynda - Yes PLEASE do visit again!