Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have a new Face!

You need a Facebook Mum.

"Why do I" I started to protest.

"I'll make one for you."

Before I knew it, Sensible had created a profile for me, put my picture on and brought me firmly into the 21st Century.

"We'll get some friends for you." She said.

"I thought I already had friends."

"On Facebook," she explained patiently.

She then contacted all the people in my hotmail address people who have Facebooks asking them to join. That was fine.

Then... She clicked on all the people who didn't have Facebook, asking them to get one too.
"What have you done?" I exclaimed. Do you realise who is on there?

"People you email." She said.

Oh Sensible, what have you done? Who did you contact?

Well... apart from the Managing Director of a company I no longer work for, who for various reasons should possibly not be invited to join my personal friends on Facebook, the tax office, every bank and building society that I am in email contact with, Next Directory, any insurance company that I have had a discussion with over the years, somebody who we have been in legal dispute with........ well nobody really......

I cringed with embarrassment as I thought of various people that possibly I would prefer to communicate with only on a professional basis ..... But it was too late. They were all invited. You too I expect.

Not all accepted the invitation to be my friend. ED was reluctant to accept me at first, but has now become my best instant messaging friend. Her reluctance was possibly due to her not wanting me around her personal life which is fair enough really. What she won't know until she read this however is that due to a blip in the system, I discovered by accident that I was able to click on her profile, but not leave messages on her wall, prior to becoming a friend. She had always assured me that no-one can enter another's site without permission. Not so ED. Look again. If anyone sends you a message, and you respond, it seems you can in fact see their "wall".

So there you go....I'm not such a dinosaur after all......

and.... Facebook is great. You should all get one.


Asha said...

LOL! Facebook, twitter, my space!! What are these things doing to us? Not meet personally but know half the World citizens!
Good of your daughter to take care of you, enjoy!:))

Akelamalu said...

LOL another friend of mine has just joined facebook and couldn't understand how I knew - she's sent me a request to be her friend without even knowing she'd done it! LOL

Ignorminious said...

My favourite reference to Facebook was in a podcast by Stephen Fry, in which he amusingly refered to it as Sit-On-My-Facebook. Even my mum laughed at that one!

Like most people these days, I am an avid Facebooker, and have been since the very start. Back in the day it used to be restricted so that only members of certain universities could sign up, and I campaigned daily for UWE to be added.

Hope you enjoy it!

ChrisB said...

Sally I must be one of the few people who is not on Facebook. So I won't be seeing you there, but have fun anyway.

jane said...

Hope you meant to invite me!

Grumpy Keith said...

I had an invitation from you! No doubt you saw my response to on my blogpage on the 10th Jan post.

I did think it a little strange at the time because you never struck me as the sort of person who would be on Facebook.

Facebook or not, I'm still your cyber-friend.

Eloise said...

I love Facebook, but boy, can it ever eat up a chunk of time!

If you're in need of American *friends* on Facebook, do a search for my email address:

Pamela said...

I just can't assimilate.

Sally said...

Hi Everyone!

Asha! Nice to see you back! Does this mean that the kitchen is finished?

Ak - I can understand that:)

Ig - How mean of them to exclude anyone. How long has it been going then?

Chris and Keith - You would enjoy it really. Have another think about it.

ANONYMOUS DELETER: PLEASE don't do that! I don't know who you are, and it won't let me take you off for good.

Jane - Of course you were. You were first on the list! (Unless I am talking to Debbie of course, in which case she was first. Maybe you were both first??!!) Some of your old friends are on there btw... and Caroline sent her thank you note to me via Facebook too. Do say thank you to her!

Eloise - you are now added. Thank you!

Pam - You will...

Has anyone read A Place Called Here by Cecilia Ahern? I reckon that Facebook is REALLY the Place called Here. It is in fact a cyber city to which we have of course all lost something, the something being mostly time.... Eventually we will all end up behind the cyber wall in a place called Here's Your Face.... or something. LOL. Sally :)

Sally said...

Worked out how to remove the anonymous deleter. Phew!

Anonymous said...

i'm on there but got such weird emails from friends-to-be that I retired hurt!

Norma said...

I resolutely refuse to do Facebook or any social network site that reminds me of cliques in junior high school. But I'll still visit your blog!

Sally said...

Rosneath - that's a shame.
Sorry Norma. I do understand and am glad you will still visit me!