Sunday, September 09, 2007

Husky voice sees husky dogs

I had sat very quiet for a while on the broadcasting front.

In a Pavlovian sort of way I had found that the very thought of doing anything for the radio brought back that wave of tiredness that I had felt towards the end of my run on my show. At the time I gave up, my life was incredibly busy and Sally stressful, stress always being a subjective thing, and as such, the thought of picking up a microphone was, well exhausting.

So when Forest of Dean Radio asked me if they would cover the "Dogs at the Lodge" dog show at Beechenhurst I felt positively comatose at the thought.

But I remembered that I actually I would very much like to do more broadcasting, preferably paid, and that as such it would possibly be a good idea to get on the headphones and record some stuff.

Then I did have a bit of a major panic attack though as I thought that I had probably in the six months away completely forgotten how to broadcast. Or at least use the kit. Technology and I not always being the best of friends. But worse... I had visions of myself frozen and tongue tied and unable to interview anyone. Actually, could I still talk?

I thought it would be a nice family day out though. Nice day. Beechenhurst in the Forest. Beautiful countryside. Perfect family location.

ESOS aged 15 next week looked at me strangely.

Sensible aged 13 declined a little more politely.

Tinkerbell Mushroom and Gymnast said that if the others weren't going nor were they.

So we started to set off. "Wait a minute Mum. I'm coming" said Tinkerbell Mushroom." Found shoes, Did hair. Went towards the car. "Oh actually Mum, I will come." Said Gymnast. Found shoes, did hair went towards car.

"Oh actually Mum" not really....

ED was out, so she didn't come, and despite it being a dog show, the dog wasn't invited, partly because she hates the car and partly because it would have been too much to handle in conjunction with trying to make a radio feature, and, well, mostly because she isn't trained too much. Well umm not at all really. She's a very beautiful Border Collie though, and I was struck by a memory of childhood where my mother put in our Old English Sheepdog into a local village dog show, and, much to the disgust of the locals, despite the mud on his fur (he'd just been for a walk) despite the fact that he hadn't been trained to do any of the show doggy stuff, and despite the fact that his coat was on the matted side of matted, he won. Pure natural talent clearly.

So...not wanting to embarrass anyone, we left her at home....

I had checked the kit at least fifteen times to make sure that I remembered how to record on it. Then I listened after each interview I did, to check that I was still able to speak reasonably intelligently. Well, ok. Reasonably.

And then I went up to the important person present. Mr Ken Hames. Of real television fame. Being on important business he was off shortly to catch a flight, but he did talk to me. Thank you Mr. Hames... And now, having given out awards to nice Forest of Dean doggy people, he's gone to do some more of his great work with disabled people in Scotland.

And I found out that I like Husky dogs too. They are big of course. Very big. But so very pretty. And very useful if your car breaks down and you need a lift to the shops. ED, having only just got used to the Border Collie after a year, having grown up with a pathological fear of dogs, took a dim view when I expressed my new found love.

Although, they must eat a lot. So the point of the lift to the supermarket would be slightly eroded, given that all the food on the three wheeled bicycle truck would be theirs. Oh well........ the thought was fun while it lasted.


Ignorminious said...

Glad to hear you did some broadcasting again Sally! I did very much enjoy your show on the one occasion I was on time to hear it. I was chased down and biten by a rather angry german shephard when I was a child, so can sympathise with ED's love of all things canine :-)

Asha said...

OH, Alaskan Huskies are beautiful to look at but not considered as a very friendly family pet because they need lot of exercise and very active dogs.
I grew up with Alsatians/German Shepherds in India and here I have a little Bichon Frise+Poodle mix mutt.I prefer big dogs though!
When kids move out to college in few yrs,I will replace them with one giant Great Dane!!Hahaha!!

john.g. said...

Excuse me, did I read, some where in this post, 'can I still talk' ?
Am I the only person to pick up on the fact that a WOMAN said this?

ChrisB said...

Sally never doubt yourself I'm sure you did brilliantly and just ignore John!

Karmyn R said...

Huskies are gorgeous - but if you think you are tired now - wait until you have one as a pet! They need more exercise than any other dog out there (even Border Collies!).

and I am hoping that broadcasting was like "riding a bike" - you got right back into it with ease!

Beccy said...

John, John, John I'm speechless even at you!

Well done Sally I'm sure you were brilliant and I hope it leads to more paid work.

I love huskies but they are huge when fully grown, I'd stick with the border collie.

headless chicken said...

As you know, I'm with ED on the dog debate but a day at Beechenhurst is always good. Lucky us living where we do!
Well done on your days broadcasting!!

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Ig - What a shame that you were bitten as a child. Can understand.
Asha - I like big dogs too.
John - Indeed a woman did say this!
Chris - Thank you! I was near you today, but didn't know your address or phone number, so couldn't call!
Karmyn - Yes - it was like riding a bike!
Beccy - tahnk you. Yes we will definitely stick with the BC, reagardless of waht else, and I don't think that seriously we could afford to feed a husky!
HC - Yes Beechenhurst was lovely!

meredic said...

I really must learn to catch up quicker. You see that john.g. and I usually think as one on these things, and once again he has banged out the obvious comment just before I. Bloomin!
Oh and the plum jam is nearly finished, despite the fact that I have been rationing the boy to just one slice of toast.
Where can I buty some more?
Oh yes... you don't need a husky dog. It's just more expense!

joe said...

Sally, please don't get a husky, i won't be able to cope! how about a nice pair of ducks?

Alice Band said...

Our dog left us last year after I'd had her for 6 months becuase I am crap with dogs. Before anyone says anything nasty, she went to live on a fram and is blissfully happy. My kids, far from sobbing, breathed a sigh of relief.
Like you said though Sal, a husky would be very handy but only in Alaska -you need a Newfoundland, excellent for floods..

Lisa said...

Sounds like it was all right, but don't get a husky! Big, and from what I hear not too great with kids.
I've always wanted a border collie, maybe next dog!

Sally Lomax said...

Meredic - Don't worry. I won't be getting a husky dog. Sadly the plum jam is all gone now until next year's crop of plums. Next year we need to find a way of getting the plums off the top of the tree, then we can have twice as much jam. Glad it went down well though!!
Joe - Hello! Welcome to the Sally blog! Ducks are lovely, but we don't have a pond,and I think they generally like water!
Alice - True, the territory is a bit lacking!
Lisa - Border Collies are lovely. very tame and loving. They are intelligent too, which is useful!

Sally Lomax said...

Where's Pierre?!

pierre l said...

Sorry. I am neglecting you again. When I first read this post yesterday, I intended to ask when the item was or will be transmitted. So, I am asking now. I have no knowledge of dogs, being a cat person, but aren't huskies primarily for towing Eskimo (sorry, wrong word, Innuit) sleighs on snow?
I still read every post you write - I just seem to have commenter's block at the moment.
Finally, have you seen the lovely picture of Petite Anglaise with the proofs of her new book?

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Pierre!!

Glad you are commenting again. I really miss it when someone disappears for a while. Glad you haven't!!

Not sure when my piece is being broadcast. I have to edit it yet, but as soon as I know, I will let you know. It's nice to have fans!

And yes! Have seen PA. Fantastic!

elena jane said...

well done on your latest interview....i'm sure it was brilliant...

know nothing of dogs, so you're ahead of me ;-)