Thursday, March 15, 2007

In the Hereford Times today........

Crash, bang, wallop

By Adrian Kibbler

A LEADING lady with a Herefordshire theatre group had a flying start when she starred in Memory of Water at Fownhope Memorial Hall.

Sally Lomax had been urged by family and friends to break a leg' - and she almost did it when she dramatically crashed off the end of a 4ft-high stage.

The 44-year-old actress, who was with the touring Bare Bones theatre group, said: "Had it been Peter Pan or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the West End it would not have been a problem, but the Bare Bones Theatre Company in rural Herefordshire do not stretch to wire for flying purposes "The audience seemed to think that flying was part of the action, albeit ambitious for a performance in a village hall."

Calls for a doctor or even a vet failed to bring a response but one helpful theatregoer with some knowledge of first aid enabled Sally to be sufficiently patched up for what was feared might be an appearance in a different kind of theatre at Hereford County Hospital.

At first Sally, who has been acting for 25 years, recovered her dignity and tried to carry on.

"I stood up ready to continue and my leg collapsed underneath me in a sort a graceful but highly inappropriate way.

"As I did so the room spun round and within seconds I was down on the floor again."

After an interval the audience had not bargained for, an understudy took over while Sally was taken to hospital without a final curtain call.

The actress made a change from the usual fare of football injuries, black eyes and drunks for the casualty team at Hereford County Hospital.

"It seems that falling off a stage is not a common accident for a casualty department - I can't think why! Anyway, I was glad to have given them a chuckle on a Saturday evening," added Sally.

The mother-of-five from Mitcheldean now faces several weeks on crutches at best. An initial assessment indicates damaged cartilage and torn knee ligaments with a future scan needed.

Sally is hopeful that she may return to action before the end of the tour in six weeks but might need the help of a pantomime fairy godmother if she is to make it.

12:30pm today


enidd said...

sally, such fame!

Sally Lomax said...

I know!! The Hereford Times and all!!!

Ignorminious said...

Oooo, you're famous! Did they actually contact you about it or simply read your blog? They seem to have quoted from it rather a lot.

I like the photo btw :)

Sally Lomax said...

I sent it to them by email. Then within a few minutes they had rung me and interviewed me, and asked if they could come round and take a photo!!

swampwitch said...

There are easier and less painful ways to becoming famous. Great photo. You are a star, my dear.

Beccy said...

Sally don't you think you went a bit far for fame? Only joking, You look as fed up as I know Mollie feels!

Karmyn said...

Dang - I was hoping to read the rave reviews of your acting abilities in the paper instead.

Ailsa said...

Oh Sally you do look fed up. Hope you feel better soon.

Are you able to drive?

Sally Lomax said...

Thank you Swampwitch!!

Beccy - I know!! They did ask me to pose like that, to be fair, but I am a bit fed up this morning - mainly because I can't get around!!

Karmyn - So had I!! Nuisance!!

Ailsa - Thank you! No sadly I can't drive because I am not supposed to put any weight on it. If I had an automatic i posssibly could, but even then I have a massive leg brace in the way!

C'est la vie!

pierre l said...

Nice publicity, but poor little you! How long are you going to be stuck with the crutches, etc?
Get well soon, and virtual hugs and flowers

Norma said...

Oh Sally, I'm so sorry. Torn ligaments are no fun and heal slowly. Be very careful that you do all the therapy so that you can soon be back in front of your admirers.

Sally Lomax said...


Don't know............. Waqiting for the results of the scan.......



Steffi said...

Wow Sally,you are famous!Your pictures is cool!

Asha said...

Aw..!!! Look at you!Hope you get better soon.With all the fame now,I am sure you will!:))

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Sally Lomax said...

Thank you Steffi and Asha!!

Wendz said...

Well who would have thought! In the paper...remember me when you go international, darlin'. :)

john.g. said...

Poor thing, crutches aren`t fun, but you`ll recover and make the West End. Be careful though, the stages are higher!

meredic said...

Closed my eyes for a few seconds and look what I missed!
Come and put your feet up by the fire on Halletts Mountain. I will make you a cup of tea.

Sally Lomax said...

Wendz -
Chance would be a fine thing - but believe me, if it happens to me, then you can all be my famous friends with me!!
John -
No you're right - not much fun. But really - who am I to complain? Although I do have to say that falling off a stage is probably as silly, if not a sillier way to damage yourself than having a tree fall on you!! Both sorts of accidents are reminiscent of a gothic novel type accident though!
Oh thank you Meredic! -
I'm thinking of you now and drinking a virtual cup of tea!

ChrisB said...

Sally I'm only just catching up having been away a week. Poor you, not the star billing you had planned I'm sure. But think of all the good blog material you will now have about using crutches. Mmm some positives you won't be able to clean, shop, stand and prepare meals etc etc. you will need plenty of rest and TLC and you will be able to sit and blog!!

Sally Lomax said...

Nice to see you back Chris!

Hope you had a great holiday!


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