Sunday, March 11, 2007


It was just about there. The play that is.
It's called "Memory of Water", and I had finally managed to drum the lines into my own, apparently slightly absent, memory. Well, just about. The odd word in the wrong order, and the odd line slightly shorter than originally written, but it was more or less there and I felt comfortable with the part. Finally.

We performed the first night and were given a warm response by the audience.

The second night my biggest fan, my longest supporter of all things artistically pursued by me, and biggest critic, was in the audience. My Mum.

My parents, just back from a cruise holiday, slightly late due to a storm in the Atlantic a diversion via the Bay of Biscay had been due to watch the first night. As it was, it was the second night, and just my Mum. My Dad had had a long drive from the port, and knew that he would have another long drive home the next day, and so decided to give the play a miss.

So, we started the show.

All was going well. I exited the stage in the middle of a speech to collect an item - all part of the action.

And then as I went back on stage again, I flew.

Had this been Peter Pan or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, in London, this would not of course been a problem. But "Bare Bones Theatre Company", performing in rural Herefordshire do not stretch to wire for flying purposes.

So when I landed, in front of the stage, with my leg twisted in the wrong direction, bringing part of the set with me, it did ring a few alarm bells with the director who had been watching from the back of the auditorium. The audience seemed to think that the flying was part of the action. Ambitious for rural Herefordshire. Flying from a four foot stage.

I needed to say my next line. "Brown one and half pounds of shin of beef in a heavy casserole, remove and set aside." All I could think about was that line. I was lying on the floor, in front of the stage feeling very faint, and thinking about shin of beef in a heavy casserole, when in fact it was my own shin that was causing a bit of a problem. Well o.k., knee.

Somebody arrived with a pillow, the cast and crew had by now all gathered around me, and a very knowledgable man who seemed to know lots more about joints and things than everyone else said that I should really go to hospital. I asked if he was a doctor. Somebody said he was a vet. That would have done in the circumstances, but in fact he was neither, just more knowledgeable than the rest of us...

No, no I said. I won't need to go to hospital. I think I'll be fine. It feels much better now. So I stood up, ready to continue and my leg collapsed underneath me in a sort of slightly graceful but highly inappropriate way. And as I did, the room spun and within seconds I was down on the floor again.

At the check in desk in casualty I was all ready to announce how the accident had happened. However my kind chauffeur, hubby of fellow actor, had already announced my mishap when collecting a wheelchair for me to travel from car to hospital entrance. It appears that falling off a stage is not a common accident in a casualty department. I can't think why. It caused a ripple of amusement amongst the staff behind the check in desk, so I was glad to be able to provide them with something to give them a chuckle on a Saturday evening at 8.30 p.m.

Daughter number two - child number three - was with me, as was my Mum. Hubby then arrived, with my Dad, who, (realising that we would have great difficulty in rescuing my car) instead of having a quiet night in, in huge house with huge mortgage for huge family with no heating, decided that he might like instead to drive my car home from rural village, to save my mother the job of doing same such thing. It meant that he would have a couple of hours of warmth at least. He probably realised by then where he would be better off.

It was a bit like a family party really.

Except for the the setting, which wasn't too salubrious. For a Saturday night out with the family. Although, as hospitals go, Hereford is very nice, and new, and clean. And even though I wasn't allowed any myself, the vending machine provided stuff that was, well available....

And it has to be said that in a crisis the NHS is pretty good really. The staff were lovely.

When I went into x-ray though, I did feel mortally wounded that they didn't even ask me if I was likely to be pregnant. I mean I know that I am 44, and I know that I was in pain, and feeling faint, and that my vanity wasn't the most important issue at stake here, and it's not as if I am planning on any more children, BUT Cherie Blair had a baby at 45, so I'm not SO decrepit that they shouldn't ask! And I was wearing stage make-up, so I looked better than normal too. So they could have asked... But they didn't....

For my little moment of glory I started to tell each one of the staff that I came into contact with what had happened. The triage nurse, a nurse who needed to prod and poke me, the radiographer, the doctor...................

They knew already.

News like that travels fast....

And now I have crutches, a leg support, a very wobbly knee that doesn't seem to want to support the lower part of my leg, and a cocktail of drugs that would keep the average addict going for a good month. I'm told there is nothing broken, but apparently ligament damage can't be seen on an x-ray...........

So back to Hereford on Monday where I have an appointment to see someone who can throw more light on the injury we hope..........................

And in the meantime, they did the show without me. I was "read in". Bare Bones, broken bones, break a leg.

Whatever next?


enid said...

ooo, sally, enidd hopes it's not too painful now. what a shame to miss your play. how long is the run, will you be able to get back on stage?

enidd sends virtual flowers - a nice big bunch.

john.g. said...

Oh, dear Sally. I hope all goes well when you`ve recovered, but i couldn`t help laughing. Sorry, but i nearly fell out of my wheelchair. It`s my vivid imagination. Props and things going flying etc. apologies.

pierre l said...

Ally, I am so sorry about your mishap as well (and after the first night went well). I have been reading the play and enjoying the film. While there is excellent humour in the posting, I was too sad to laugh. Good luck with the next visit to the hospital, and I hope you recover quickly. Many virtual hugs.

Susan S said...

Oh, honey! This really is taking 'break a leg' that wee bitty too far! I am so sorry that this happened! How long is the play running for?

Sending lots of love, and praying for a quick healing!

Sorry ... I did laugh!

Oh, did you leave the message on CLP's blog? Thanks so much!

Take care, Sally!

Hugs, Susan hands over virtual bowl of fruit!

Wendz said...

Blimey Sally - you do have an exciting life...sorry re the painful leg but you did give me a all that line learning for nothing ...pffft! Honestly. Life!

ps did you lie there thinking "OOh I can blog this?" I would have. :)

EG (scotland) said...

Hey Sally, sorry to hear of your mishap. But what character being able to write about it in such terms. Good on ya. Best wishes.


Beccy said...

Sally you and Mollie will have to form a crutches club!

You poor thing after all the work, I do hope you're back on stage.

I'm sending you the virtual box of chocolates.

Asha said...

Oooh!! You are an actress too!:))

Sorry about your injury,but just when life gets little interesting something has to happen,eh?!

Speedy recovery Sally.

Karmyn said...

OH SALLY!!!!! You poor girl. So sorry to hear that. You literally Broke a Leg. Ouchie. I hope you heal quickly.

Ignorminious said...

You really do have all the worst luck don't you Sally?

Mind you, same thing once happened to a drama teacher of mine, except he ended up with multiple breaks and a round of applause from the audience.

Hope you are better soon :)

Ailsa said...

Hope you feel better soon Sally!

Anonymous said...

Bill Shakespeare said "All the world is a stage....", but I don't think he meant you to fall off it!

Can we see the video?

Sorry, I'm being heartless. I really hope you will be feeling better soon.

It's all part of life's rich pageant isn't it? (pun intended)

elena jane said...

oh no, and here i thought all that "break a leg" was for luck, not that anyone would actually attempt it!! sorry! :-( i'll send ya some virual chocolate cos it always makes ME feel better. rest up, drugs and chocolate...

Sally Lomax said...

Enid: Not too painful! Thanks! Saw a specialist this morning...... Will update you on most recent v soon!! The run finishes at the end of April. We are doing Fridays and Saturdays between now and then. Next performance though is Monmouth in two weeks.
John: I agree! You have to see the humour!!
Pierre: Don't be too sad for me Pierre! I'll be fine. And thank you!!
Thank you Susan!! I'm eating some strawberries right now!!
Wendz: I did actually! I was writing it on the way to hospital, in my head!
EG: Thank you!! That's kind!!
Beccy: Thank you!! I love chocolate. Tell Mollie she has my sympathy!!
Asha: Indeed! But let's face it - we blog because we enjoy seeing the funny side of things!!
Ignorminious: Your Drama teacher got a rough deal! Heartless audience too!!!!! Still - he probably enjoyed the drama in retrospect!
Ailsa: Thank you!!!
Keith: No video sadly........ Wish there had been and then if I don't make it for the rest of the run I could have at least have watched that and know that I did it!
Elena Jane: Thank you!!

Momo said...

I thought "break a leg" just to bring you good luck...sorry to hear about that stupid happening...just brace up and think about your future career as an actress...isn't it fabulous to dream on and on!
Hope you'll be okay soon!

Sally Lomax said...


I know!! And I said to a fellow actress just before going on: "break a leg". Apparently you are supposed to get the same back - otherwise it's bad luck. I hadn't given her time though. So bad timing I guess on my part!!!!!

Sally Lomax said...

Aww...... thank you Momo!!

pierre l said...

I think it's all my fault because I said "good luck" in a previous post. Sally should clearly have deleted my comment immediately.

pierre l said...

Reading what you wrote while I was typing my previous comment, the accident was clearly your fault as well. Glad to hear that your spirits are good. Anyhow, I think I'll never say "good luck" to anyone again.

ED Emily said...

aww mummy!look at all your bloggy sympathy!xxxxxx

swampwitch said...

((Sally)) Didn't someone tell you that "break a leg" is not to be taken literally? Sorry about your mishap and hope you mend quickly.

Sally Lomax said...

Thanks Swampwitch!