Friday, June 08, 2012

The End

It's been a long time since I wrote regularly, and from time to time I have promised, threatened even, to come back to live in Bloggerland.

I miss Bloggerland. Bloggerland brought out of me the academic side that I never even knew was there. It brought out a Sally who read, wrote and who had opinions about matters far and wide. It brought out a Sally that was most particular about a certain writing style, a Sally who was sometimes witty, even funny at times. Not wanting to push my own merits too far you understand.

In Bloggerland we have our own little community. A community where we admire each other's work, on a regular basis, give each other awards, on a very regular basis, laugh at each others jokes and even... write blogs.

It is a very safe community. A community where we feel loved and cherished and where you never feel lonely. There is always someone to share with and to empathise with, There is always someone who can empathise with you.

So if it is that good, why on earth did I give it up?

There are many reasons. I discovered Facebook. I discovered the joy of watching TV on my laptop. I bought a laptop even. a reason usually for more blogging one would think, but not when suddenly one can see the many uses that a laptop can have, besides blogging. In particular I discovered the joys of watching "House". Hubby accused me of going to bed with Hugh Laurie every night, which in one sense I guess I did. Hugh didn't know anything about this of course. I was just one of his millions of fans worldwide who drooled over a guy playing a dysfunctional doctor, who for some bizarre reason managed to keep the masses hooked.

Most importantly though I started fostering children. And this my dear readers is the main reason why my blog has come to a bit of a standstill. Because it is a seriously sensitive subject and not one that you can openly share with the world.

And so, after spending the last four years of nearly but not quite writing, I have decided to write "The End" to Sally Writes. It is a sad moment to finally find the end to a piece of writing that has evolved over six years in total. But then, on the other hand, if this is a book, then all books must come to an end. And if you really love it, you can always start again at the very beginning.

It is a booksworth in total and so,


And thank you, all of you, for being my lovely loyal readers.

But now this really is....



ChrisB said...

This brought a tear to my eye, as you say we had a great little community back in the good old days! It was a new hobby for me when I retired in 2006 and I made a lot of, albeit, virtual friends. Some of whom,I have had the pleasure to meet in real life. I still dip in and out of my blog but I am no longer the serious blogger I was once!
Fostering is such an important roll and I wish you continued success xx

john.g. said...

Best wishes to you all! xxx

Little gymnast said...

Awwh Mum. Gorgeous blogging Xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

you have voiced my thinking entirely, it is funny how we have all moved on but it was great while it lasted! Good luck for the future, Sally

Ignorminious said...

Hi Sally,

Earlier today I had a comment notification on an old post on my blog. It was spam of course, but whilst I was there I found myself reading the other comments on the post. By chance, the comment thread was a discussion about how we should all meet up for coffee sometime and wasn't it lovely that we all knew each other.

That thread drove me over here to see if you were still blogging or not, and, by chance, the answer was at the top of the page. Unfortunately the happy days of 2006-08 where we were all such enthusiastic little bloggers are long gone. The novelty wore off and real life started to get in the way again. In my case, an increasing work schedule limited the time I could read blogs, and then getting a girlfriend reduced the time I could write them. I do still update my blog, but only a few times a year now. Quite a fall from the days when I would try to update it at least once a day, every day.

Like you, I drew a lot of satisfaction from blogging, and I'll never forget the friends I made through it.

I hope you remain well and happy, and perhaps we'll bump into each other again one day in a future internet craze :-)

All the best,
Mark aka Ignorminious
(Ignorminious' Misty Mind)