Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cluedo Collusion!

It had all gone quite smoothly really. Considering that not a single Christmas preparation had been made by any adult until a week before Christmas.

Somehow, miraculously, every present arrived safely through the chimney, the mince pies and Christmas cake got made iced and decorated, the turkey hit the table on time and enough alcohol was consumed to make a merry Christmas for all. And apart from Father Christmas giving Tinkerbell Mushroom and Gymnast some size 8 to 10 underwear, instead of aged 8 to 10 he did quite well really. It's an easy mistake to make. Especially when you have been up all night. I know how he feels. I too was up until 5 a.m. on the night of 23rd... It happens at this time of the year...

There were sadly one or two blips in the proceedings, due to the lurgy hitting the household at a very inconvenient time, which sadly put various ones out of action for a few hours in the lead up to Christmas day, and then Sensible and ED on the day itself.

But...when we had drunk and eaten merrily for a few days and the last of our Christmas guests had all gone home, we sat down to play Cluedo.

Well... that was after we had got the set out.

"The revolver card's missing" said Sensible.

Being a man, Hubby seemed to think that that would not allow us to play the game.

"Can we not just take the revolver out of the equation?" I asked. A general concurrence spread round the room, and Hubby conceded that this was perhaps possible.

"These aren't the right cards" said ED. They belong to another game.

"Shall we play something else?" Said Hubby. "We really need a new set."

"Give me five minutes." I said,rushing to the computer.

I ran off some game cards from the Internet and came back into the room, seriously pleased with myself at my ingenuity.

Hubby doled out the cards to everyone.

"Oh" said Sensible. "I've got the revolver card."

We put the revolver back into the game.

Hubby doled out the cards again....

And then we finally played.

Tinkerbell Mushroom got the hang of the game very well indeed. And her asking several times if one or other of us had Professor Plum simply added to the entertainment.

As for the older three colluding on the evidence I raised an eyebrow.

"Look Mum" said ESOS, "If there is a real murder case, and the Spanish Police have some evidence and the British Police have more "different" evidence, do you think that they withhold the information from each other? Absolutely not. It just makes the whole thing more efficient."

You could course call it cheating.....

But that would be boring....

In the meantime........................



Alix said...

I like ESOS reasoning!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Asha said...

Happy New year Sally, wish you and your family the best in the coming year!:)
I am still on break, just came here wish you. Have a great time, see you next year!

Sally Lomax said...

Happy Christams to you two too!

pierre l said...

I can see scope for a variation in the rules of Cluedo: adults continue to play the game as now, while children do a running commentary: "thanks Mum for showing me the lead pipe" or "it's not the hall because Dad just showed it to me". on the other hand, perhaps such rules wouldn't work after.
It's good to hear your Christmas went well.

swampy said...

Sounds like the script for a
sit-com to me.
Have a healthy, happy, and safe 2008, Miss Sally

Ignorminious said...

And the same to you and yours Sally :)

pierre l said...

I seem to have forgotten something. Happy New Year to you and all your family, Sally!

Flowerpot said...

I haven't played Cluedo for years! Have a happy new year Sally!

Sally Lomax said...

Pierre - They were less subtle than that! Happy New Year! x
Swampy - Our life feels like that sometimes! Happy New Year! x
Ig - And to all of you! x
Flowerpot - It's a good game. We spent quite a long time playing it in the end. Happy New Year! x

thefoodsnob said...

Yes, that wouldn't make sense, would it to withhold evidence?! :)
We just call that game Clue, and reading that makes me think my daughter would like it, I haven't played in years.
(Thanks for your birthday wishes, and Happy New Year!)


Akelamalu said...

Your Christmas sounds like it went really well!

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Sally, it's been a pleasure visiting you. :)

Sally Lomax said...

Lisa: I read that you call it "Clue" when I was looking up the gamecards. AHve a good day tomorrow! S x
Ak - Thank you! You too! x

john.g. said...

Happy New Year Sally!! xx

ChrisB said...

Happy New Year Sally, and to your family. May you have better luck with your bank in 2008!

Pamela said...

Cleudo is a new name for me. We call it CLUE oh I just saw that someone else said that.

Oh we played that and I always thought Colonel Mustard was an old fart.

Happy New Year Sally!!

Alice Band said...

Happy New Year old girl! We luckily avoided the lurgy when all around us were dropping like flies! much love Alice xxxx

rosneath said...

oh, my wonderfully crafted bi-lingual comment has disappeared!

I thought you could develop the Interpol theme and have 2 teams from different police forces. They have to speak in the language of their force!

So - est-il Professuer Prune dan la salla a manger avec la pipe du fil?

Or something ... !

Happy 2008


Beccy said...

Father Christmas gave Dillon a t-shirt girls fit (I think he was busy looking for the right size that he failed to noticed the fit) and some boxers that were way too big (he was looking at the pattern not the size) but then he is a busy man!

Sorry to hear about the lurgy but it sounds like a fun time was had by all.

elena jane said...

happy new year 2008!!
we love playing clue, always fun stuff. in clue jr it's who's eaten the cookies ;-)
and i would have printed new cards too, smart mum, haha!! :-)

clue = cluedo

The very nice man said...

Brilliant post as always!
Thanks for sharing Christmas with us.
Blessings to you all and Happy New Year!

enidd said...

happy new year, sally!